All right, so the Boom Boom has officially come and gone. We have now entered the season of Lent or, as Boozie thinks of it, 40 days of hell. We are hardly a week into it and y’all are already killing me! You don’t have to give up drinking and partying to be on the Big Man’s good side; in case y’all forgot, Jesus turned water into wine. No worries, though, I have the last hoorah of Mardi Gras gossip plus some scoop from down on the ol’ Causeway. If you gave up all things sugary and delicious, then you are in luck because this column is pretty sweet and tasty and is sure to help hold you over until Easter.

Mardi Gras leftovers
Yep, Mardi Gras is over but Boozie didn’t get to fill y’all in on all the gossip, because my spies were busy trying to forget those five days packed full of drinking, Boom Boom and bad decisions. They finally got their acts together and here’s what was missed last week …

This year’s theme for the Crewe of Columbus parade was “Apps.” One float was dedicated to The Weather Channel, and riding on the front was none other than Jim Cantore! Well, papier mache Jim anyway. The folks over at “America’s Morning Headquarters” caught wind (get it?) of this and wanted to know more. A masked man from the Crewe of Columbus identified as “Tommy” was interviewed about the float. A source close to Tommy told Boozie AMHQ had said they were just going to talk a little about the float and that was it. Well, they hit Tommy with a few extra questions, but he did great. He even plugged Mobile’s new slogan, “Born to celebrate!” If you were too hungover to wake up in time to catch the live version, no worries — you can watch the video on AMHQ’s Facebook page. #somobile

If for some reason you didn’t make it downtown for the parades, no worries, I’ve got you covered on what you missed. One parade-goer said he was close to catching an inflatable kiddie pool from a float. Yep, you read that right, a kiddie pool … or I guess, depending on how drunk you were, a giant Frisbee. And we hear one Tuesday organization’s knights were throwing sausage, and that is not a euphemism. They were literally throwing packages of Conecuh sausage! Yum! Boozie hates she missed that!

Something you might have missed if you were too busy breaking it down was the MPD officer getting down himself. No, he wasn’t being a jerk, instead he was imitating the dancers from the band he was following and doing their dance routine. Boozie received multiple videos of this police officer from different spots on the parade route on Fat Tuesday and he was giving it his all. I guess if the police officer thing doesn’t work out he could audition for “So You Think You Can Dance?”

Also, we failed to mention last week what was happening at the “Joe Cain West” celebrations. It seems around 450 people showed up for this year’s Ellivsyam at the Springhill Swim Club, where they enjoyed libations aplenty and the sounds of The Modern Eldorados and Jukebox Heroes.

So if you missed Fat Tuesday, you missed bad dancing, Comic Cowboys and make-out sessions. I’ll fill you in. Before the day had really started, the bad dancing had begun. Two ladies had requested a song from the DJ outside Moe’s and it must have been their jam, because they were dancing like no one was watching. Then a group of college girls started dancing and one of the ladies came over to dance with them. Some things from that day cannot be unseen.

We hear the KOR parade and reception was once again a hit. Their lovely leading ladies had a Lundi Gras reception on the second floor of the fabulous Merry Widow and all in attendance agreed it’s a fabulous place to watch the parade. I smell bookings five years in advance!

Also, we hear after the reception they had quite the Mardi Gras house party at an undisclosed location, where the Bacon My Day food truck was serving tasty quesadillas to soak up all of those “brew ha has.” We hear former City Council president Reggie Copeland was spotted there. He’s still getting down! Go, Reggie!

Every year Comic Cowboys get down and dirty with their jokes. This year, Greer’s, Gov. Bentley, Auburn and Bienville Square were the butt of a lot of their jokes. To give you a better idea, here’s one: “Greer’s on Broad says SHOP LOCAL: Free Range Bienville Squirrel .49 lb.” Another was “Roy Moore: ‘Put the Commandments back!’ Gov. Bentley: ‘I agree — ALL NINE!’”

I can’t leave out the make-out session that happened at Shenanigans downtown on Fat Tuesday. The couple looked younger and were making out without a care in the world. Boozie likes that kind of attitude.

And then, you know it’s Mardi Gras when you see this posted on Facebook: “I’m sorry I threw up on you last night, buddy. Maybe we can talk it over at BierGarten later. Enjoyed seeing you!” I am not sure his friend was too happy to see him that night. Yuck!

Causeway spill
This past Saturday night at Traders was a wild one, according to one of my spies. Boozie is thinking folks still had a lot of energy left after Mardi Gras, or got some energy from the “Causeway Tea” Traders serves up. The band Small Zoo was playing and the place was packed.

I’m told the three bartenders could hardly keep up with all the orders of drinks and Causeway Teas. Take it from Boozie, those things are dangerous. My spy said he thinks there were several parties going on, as the first song the band had to play was “Happy Birthday” for a lady in the crowd.  

Later in the night the birthday girl was dancing with a guy in front of the band, having a great time. Things got a little sloppy and with a spin from her dance partner she went over a speaker, bumping into a microphone and into the band in the middle of them playing a song. The band did not miss a beat, and once back on her feet, neither did she.

Not the first time that’s happened at Traders, and it won’t be the last, especially if you’re drinking Causeway Tea!

Well, kids, that’s all I’ve got this week. Just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous, or just some plain ol’ birthday girl lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!