It’s been a dreary week in Mob-town. But there have been a few bright spots along the way to get us through these rainy days. Local music fests, good times for good causes and a little food truck fun have provided some good opportunity for fun and folly, and it’s not even Gras time.

(Food) Truckin’ down on Dauphin Street

The three remaining trucks in The Food Network show “The Great Food Truck Race” made their way from St. Louis to Mobile last Saturday and Sunday. The show, hosted by celebrity chef Tyler Florence, featured three different styles of cuisine, Let There Be Bacon, The Middle Feast and Lone Star Chuck Wagon.

The lines were uber-long, some folks saying they stood there for hours (and some saying they didn’t even get any food after doing so because they ran out), but most people didn’t seem to mind, as the entertainment district’s rules allowed for folks to sip on a tasty adult beverage as they waited in line. Downtown restaurateurs didn’t seem to mind, as they reported high “to go” beer sales, and they received the overflow of folks who just couldn’t stand in the long lines.

I’m told one of the producers said it was the best crowd they have seen this season, and that’s impressive considering they have been in much bigger cities already, like Austin and the aforementioned St. Louis.

The Cleveland, Ohio-based truck “Let There Be Bacon” truck was especially impressed by little ol’ Mobile. They tweeted, “Thank you Mobile! Your Southern hospitality really humbled us. Thanks for your generosity and for making Dylan’s birthday weekend so special. This is the chance of a lifetime and to see hundreds of people lined up to see 3 dudes from Cleveland, OH … we have no words. Thank you for helping make a dream come true.”

Mobile, making dreams come true every day! The show will air on the network in August.

First Lap’s Music Fest a hit

The inaugural locals-only Lap’s music festival was a huge hit on Saturday, May 31, despite the less-than-stellar weather. We are told nearly 1,500 people made their way to the Causeway to see the likes of Lisa Mills, Lee Yankie and the Hellz Yea, The Harrison McInnis Trio, Eric Erdman Band, Ryan Balthrop and Friends and The Mulligan Brothers. All we can say to that is Hellz Yea and we look forward to next year.

MG Indian 2

Where Y’at Mobile?

Speaking of good music, the sounds of the Big Easy filled Moe’s BBQ downtown as Ben Jernigan, who is in the running for the Lymphoma and Leukemia Society’s Man of the Year, put on one hell of a party with Anders Osborne, Papa Mali, Johnny Sansone, Jabo Starks and more lending their talents. One of the big hits of the night was an appearance by the Mardi Gras Indians.

Also appearing at the event, sponsors Keith and Jacob Palmer of Palmer’s Airport Toyota, Callaghan’s owner John Thompson, local songwriter Ryan Balthrop and his fiancé Kelli and new baby boy and The Southern Rambler’s Lynn Oldshue, along with a ton of other folks. The event is certain to have raised gobs of money for the society, which all stays local. Go Ben!

Jabo Starks, who has played with James Brown and is allegedly the most sampled drummer in history had one of our local heroes a bit star struck. John Milham, a legendary drummer in his own rite, told one spy he couldn’t wait to get on stage to play the skins alongside Starks. But when Milham started jamming apparently Starks figured he was done and began packing it up.

Luckily for John, radio host and photographer Catt Sirten was behind the stage getting some shots. He saw what was going down and asked Jabo to play some more, which he graciously did.

See John, dreams do come true!

Circus is in town

It was a circus of a different kind at Mobile City Council this past Tuesday as members of the Ringling Brothers circus were present for Mayor Sandy Stimpson proclaiming next week “Circus Week.”

Stimpson’s been jumping through rings of fire and walking the tightrope enough lately while dealing with the trapeze acts put together by some on the City Council, so he probably enjoyed a proclamation that didn’t cause any TENTion (tension, get it?). There’s a clown joke here too, but I’m going to stop before the strongman shows up and shoves me in a canon and … OK, I’ll stop.

The circus kicks off this weekend, June 5-8, at the Civic Center.

Just asking…

Which local culinary expert’s spouse was spotted buying the store brand wine Five Oaks and a box of mac and cheese at a local Rite Aid? Hey, Boozie isn’t judging. She was a big fan of the $3 Five Oaks, but has recently upgraded to the $6 Rex and Goliath.

Well kids, that’s all I got this week. Just remember, whether rain or shine dramatic or scandalous, or just some plain ol’ bacon lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!