Hello my Lenten lovelies. Yes, it’s been slow around here the past few weeks. Giving up “bad” stuff and nasty weather isn’t a good combination for misbehaving. But luckily, I had spies willing to travel to galaxies far, far away (well, Pensacola) to get some tasty intergalactic scoop for you. So jump into your own Millennium Falcon and cruise on through this edition of Boozie’s “nues.”

Pensacon full of characters
I had several spies over at the annual Pensacon Comic Con last weekend, and we hear it was a huge success. The spies said the crowds were phenomenal, easily 20,000, with as expected, lots of “really good costumes,” including Jokers, Harley Quinns, Attack on Titan and some really good “Star Wars” costumes, among others.

Many attendees made it a family affair. There was a really cute Jedi, Leia and Yoda family. There was also a family with four kids and parents dressed as “Lord of the Rings” characters. Of the latter group, the spies said they told them that not only did they drive up from Tampa for the event, but the kids’ grandmother made all their costumes. Can’t you just see grandma holding up each of the finished costumes saying, “My pretty!”

Iron Man was also in attendance with a costume so spectacular it looked like Tony Stark had ordered it himself.

One of our spies, who happened to be dressed like Mr. Spock, was absolutely inundated with people wanting photos, considering actor Leonard Nimoy had passed away just before the event. He said 50-75 “Star Trek” fans and kids asked for pics. He was gone for so long his friends began to worry he had been abducted by the aliens in attendance or killed by “Captain Jerk,” but it was later discovered the captain was at a charity event instead.

I wasn’t aware rock stars had become suitable characters to dress as at comic conventions, but the spies said there was one guy in costume as Eddie Van Halen walking around with his guitar plugged into a portable “pignose” amp. One of the celebrity guests was Lita Ford (the real one, not a dressed-up one) and when she saw pseudo-Van Halen, she took his guitar from him and proceeded to shred to everyone’s amusement. Not sure what the Lita connection to comic cons is but whatever.

My spy said the only real problem with the day was it was so crowded they had to let people onto the vendors’ floor in phases because of fire codes. They said the event could have really benefited from a venue that had more room to spread out all the booths and tables. 

A little comic birdie told our spies the organizers of Pensacon had toured the Mobile Convention Center. Not sure what this means, but if they are looking for a new Gulf Coast venue, certainly the spacy carpet at the Mob Con Center sold them on the idea.

The city of Pensacola had free trolley shuttle running throughout downtown that day and they blocked off their main drag that evening like one of the regular Gallery Nights … except they called it “Galaxy Night.” Cute!

The spies said they met people from all up and down the Gulf Coast and everyone was really nice, really respectful and no trouble at all. 

Well except on Sunday, someone asked for a moment of silence for Leonard Nimoy over the PA and at the tail end of it, a «Roll Tide» rang out. Classy. 

And apparently our own Prancing Elites stopped by there sometime on Friday night. Not really sure why but I guess, why not?

Down by the creek bank by the ol’ holler log
The inaugural CreekFest will take place Saturday, May 9 at Lake Drive Tricentennial Park in Midtown. This park is really Mobile’s best-kept secret, with a walking trail, playground and a lake where you can get a look at turtles galore, birds and even alligators.

This is being put on by the Mobile County Health Department and we hear there will be a cane pole fishing tournament, kayak rentals, food trucks and live music by the Excelsior Band and Eric Erdman. Should be a great time. Just stay away from the gators!

Well kiddos. That’s all I got this time. Just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous, or some plain ol’ Jedi lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!