Well, the ol’ Boozester takes a little vacay and then all the spies decided to do it at the same. I think between the tornado warnings and Leap Year they figured it was time for a break. Boozie hopes the next Leap Year falls on a Friday instead of a Monday. Everyone loves an extra Friday, no one likes an extra Monday! However, I did have some spies stick around town. They didn’t have much to report back besides a few feel-good stories. I like to think of this week’s stories as “Boozie’s chicken noodle soup for the soul.” So grab a spoon and dig in!

Bar nues
With last week’s threat of tornados some of the spies did what any true beer lover does, they headed to LoDa Bier Garten for the tapping of a Hopslam keg. They said as they headed downtown it seemed as if they were going down Dauphin Street at 5 a.m. instead of 5 p.m. because of all the bars being closed. They were relieved to find their bar of choice still open.

Once inside, they found a good-sized crowd of people ready to ride out the storm. Even a few jokes were made about free beer if things got dicey. But while my spies were there, they played investigator and got the scoop on the plans for the old Spoke-N-Trail/Red or White location across from Dew Drop.

The bartender said it’s going to be a growler shop and beer store. They will have around 30 taps of beer to choose from for filling growlers. Boozie hopes they’ll be stocked with her favorites! My spies also reported that they won’t have a full kitchen but they do hope to have some snacks. Boozie, being a Midtown gal, can’t wait for them to get started. I feel pretty safe saying the rest of Midtown is ready to be able to pick up some great beer without having far to go.

Not so floppy
About two weeks ago Widespread Panic was in town at the Civic Center Theater. I didn’t have much to report because the spies who went didn’t have much to say besides things like it was a great show, the band killed it and so on. Boozie is just glad Mobile welcomed Panic with open arms, unlike the mayor over in Orange Beach. In case you missed that whole ordeal, the OBA mayor called WSP fans “floppy.” I am still trying to figure out what that means. Anyways, an email passed along to Boozie proves Panic fans aren’t so “floppy” after all.

The email was titled “A man with a heart of gold” and the following is what it said:

“A guy walks out of the Panic show last Wednesday night at the Civic Center in Mobile … he sees a girl with dreads picking up a wallet that’s not hers … he tells her it’s his wallet because he probably has a better chance at returning the wallet then she does … sounds like a big jerk, right? WRONG!

The guy goes to his office the next day, opens up the wallet in search of the rightful owner’s contact information … he sees a couple of licenses, a GOVERNMENT IDENTIFICATION CARD and then finds over $1,200!! CASH!! Holy cow! He doesn’t flinch … he doesn’t even think about touching it (WOW!) …. Instead, the guy searches high and low for the owner of this wallet because he knows how important this is to the guy … he goes through Whitepages, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Yelp, etc. … and can’t seem to make any headway … but the guy doesn’t give up … he keeps hunting and hunting … finally he finds the guy on Facebook and sends a message … he finds the guy on LinkedIn and sends a message … no answer for 72 hours … he continues to comb every nook and cranny … he finds the wallet owner’s work number and starts calling his office … but no answer … until … the owner calls three days later and says, ‘Thank you so much — you pretty much saved my life! This wallet is my life!’ The owner says he lives in California, our hero says ‘no worries’ and overnights the wallet to him — intact, ALL the cash included. No questions asked. No thank yous needed.

“The man with a heart of gold is Chris Thompson and he lives in Mobile, Alabama.

“I am the guy that lost the wallet and figured it was LONG GONE.



I told you I had some feel-good stories! Way to go, Chris, on doing the right thing and not giving up on finding the owner. Boozie must say, $1,200 could buy a lot of Widespread tickets and drinks to go with those tickets!

Well, kids, that’s all I’ve got this week. Just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous or just some plain ol’ WSP lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!