Y’all … first off, brrrrr! Second, Christmas and New Year’s have just about killed me. Christmas was five days of partying and then New Year’s was four, thanks to post-season football games! So this might be crazy, but I am glad to be back in a routine. Yeah, sure, this is a short week, but I need some down time before Mardi Gras.

Nine days of partying with only two nights’ rest was more than even I could handle. Luckily, the New Year is here and I am making one of my resolutions to be in bed before 4 a.m. on the weekends.
Anyways, bundle up and enjoy this week’s hot gossip!

Partying doesn’t stop when the MoonPie drops
I think it might be safe to say that people are still defrosting from the MoonPie Drop! Y’all, it was freezing! Mobile hasn’t seen this kind of weather in years, but that didn’t stop the crowds from showing up to celebrate the event’s 10th anniversary!

Speaking of celebrating, a small group or sponsors, volunteers and city officials gathered in the Presidential Suite of The Battle House before braving the cold. It was low-key, but MoonPie drop founder Fred Richardson was there surrounded by family and friends. Also in attendance were Mayor Sandy Stimpson and his wife, Jean (looking chic as always), Councilman John Williams and several Oakleigh gals draped in fur. Umm, why was I not invited?

Luckily, George Clinton and Parliament-Funkadelic put on a show that had everyone moving and grooving, which also helped to keep body temperatures up. Boozie is told that when George showed up for meet-and-greets he was very personable and enthusiastic with everyone as he posed for photos. Boozie personally loved George’s long black coat with silver spangle details, and am a tad jealous.

George and company weren’t the only one bundled up — most folks wore so many layers it’s surprising they could even move their limbs. I had a whiskey “jacket” so I wasn’t too cold. However, Boozie did spot some girls who cared more about looks than warmth. One was sporting a cropped shirt. Yeah, I know how it goes, you don’t want to wear a jacket because the bars are hot and then it might get lost or smell … but whatever, girl, you do you!

While some of you were freezing your behinds off, just around the corner Government Plaza was rocking. Order of Pan held their annual New Year’s Eve ball and it is safe to say they were probably having more fun than you! My spy said this is one of his favorite balls because everyone cuts loose.

His favorite ball goer was rocking a purple sequined tux and top hat. Another was the lady with a big hot-pink headdress. Then the most talked about outfit was the performer wearing a roach dress. Yes, a roach dress. They were cartoon roaches, but still … I told y’all, more fun!

Ice, ice baby
Brrrrrr. The annual Polar Bear Dip at the Flora-Bama rang true to its name this year. While we thought the girls with no jackets on New Year’s Eve were crazy, I believe the people on New Year’s Day that took part in the Polar Bear Dip were crazier. With temperatures in the 30s it was definitely colder than last year, but that didn’t stop people from taking the plunge.

Folks took to the waters screaming, but still having a good time. People were dressed in Hawaiian shirts, Wonder Woman costumes, pajama onesies, Santa and more! My spy said her favorite outfits were those that stuck to a beach theme. One lady was dressed as a delicious bushwacker, yum! Others came as Vikings, cage divers, red Solo cups, Indians, a Corona beer 6-pack, polar bears and, of course, Baby New Year!

One older gentleman was rocking a patriotic weenie bikini with suspenders and flag cape. Luckily for my spy’s eyes he was the same old man who wore a G-string to Mullet Toss. Maybe next year I will take the plunge and wash off the old year!

Start fresh
While I’m sure some of you already have New Year’s resolutions, I wanted to share some that are a little more achievable (well, one or two) and will guarantee a memorable 2018! So be prepared to add them to your list, it’s not too late.

• Charge the field at Senior Bowl and not get caught.

• Attend more Mardi Gras parades than you did last year.

• Give up nothing for Lent. Lent kills my business, y’all can’t be saved from your behavior at Mardi Gras.

• Attend all cook-offs/eat more crawfish. Bonus points if you are able to do so and not gain weight.

• Make it to more concerts. Mobile’s music scene is booming, it’s time you stopped missing out!

• And lastly, win the most coveted award, a Nappie! There are tons of categories, so start campaigning now!

Well, kids, that’s all I’ve got for this week. Just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous, or just some plain ol’ New Year lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!