It’s been a crazy week. I just can’t keep up with all these spring events, y’all. It’s too much. It’s been like a month-long Mardi Gras. No parades but just as much festivity, if not more. The only end I see in sight is when it gets “butt hot,” and that’s probably still a month away. Then I’ll be complaining that no one is doing anything. You just can’t make the ol’ Boozester happy. So let’s enjoy the spring party season while it lasts and all of the tasty gossip that comes along with it. We’ll recover on the beach.

Running on empty
My spies were absolutely terrified by the forecasts for terrible weather predicted for last Saturday’s Azalea Trail Run. Luckily, meteorology doesn’t seem to be an exact science, and it turned out to be an absolutely glorious morning, which is great because running and rain just don’t mix, at least for my spies, who aren’t exactly “elite athletes.”
But they did at least report encountering some interesting people along the way.

They said plenty of folks were still in the St. Patrick’s Day spirit and were sporting their green, including one guy who they described as an Albert Einstein-looking leprechaun. Um, OK. I was assured by the spies that other ATR runners would know exactly who they were talking about. Some guy with a gray wig, white lab jacket and a leprechaun hat. Sounds sporty!

They also said they really wanted to stop running and attend a house party on Fulton Street, which was about halfway through the 10K race course. It seems these jolly residents were cheering on the runners and had a big table full of food and beverages outside. My spies said it looked like their beverages of choice were screwdrivers, but maybe it was just wishful thinking on their part. But mama did always say more vodka, less shin splints. Or something like that.

Another spy said he saw a guy smoking a cigar as he crossed the finish line. Heck, the Boozester would have done that too. Well, maybe not a cigar but definitely like a shot of whiskey or something.

Sounds like fun! Hats off to all of our runners for another great year.

Downtown Cajun Cook-Off
The threat of bad weather was also making organizers of the Downtown Cajun Cook-Off a bit nervous, but the festival that started a few hours later than the ATR also escaped any sprinkles. My foodie spies said their favorite dishes were those prepared by Advanced Disposal, The Brickyard, The Garage and FOX10. And we hear the tunes by Stereo Dogs and Jamell Richardson were pretty tasty too. Preliminary reports indicated around $58,000 was raised for the Child Advocacy Center, up from $51,000 last year. Fantastic news!

Callaghan’s shenanigans
The luck of the Irish was not so apparent on Thursday, March 17, as rain and hurricane-like winds threatened Callaghan’s St. Patrick’s Day shenanigans. One tent set up for the Saturday street party was blown over and the large music tent began to levitate and had to be held down. Luckily, there were plenty of Oakleigh leprechauns there to help.

The Saturday street party on the 19th was packed, with a record crowd to hear Kansas Bible Company play. We hear everyone was having a great time, including one pooch who tried to nose his way in “to help” the outside burger maker. He was not “lucky” in his endeavor but we give him an A for effort. They did smell really good.

Well, that was close …
We all know Mobile is a strange and mysterious place, and she reminds us of just how weird she can be all the time. One of my spies was cruising along Dauphin Street the other night after attending the magnificent 30th birthday party for Catherine Mackey at Yak the Katmandu restaurant, when he had a Close Encounter of the Automotive Kind. 

Dauphin was practically empty and my spy pulled up alongside a newer, white station wagon already stopped at a red light. The driver was someone my spy recognized, who rolled down the window and said hello. The light turned green and my leadfoot spy was off and going. Suddenly the white car flew right past and pulled up to a red light at Catherine Street. When my guy pulled to a stop, the guy in the white car again rolled down the window, flashed a giant grin and produced a small wooden pipe my spy recognized as one frequently used for smoking marijuana. He says he recognized it from anti-drug commercials. The guy in the white car started blazing up right there, puffing away, all the while looking at my spy and his car full of friends. 

Then, while he was still looking left, this maniac punched it and ran right through the red light, smoke billowing out of his window. Fortunately this wayward soul wasn’t T-boned by a fire truck and didn’t run over an old lady on a moped. Luck was on his side that Johnny Law wasn’t nearby. My spy and his friends were incredulous and figured they wouldn’t try to catch him at the next light.

Knot tied
The wedding bells continue to ring at Lagniappe World Headquarters, as we watched another Lagniapper tie the knot last weekend. Editorial assistant Melissa Schwarz married her longtime beau, John Edge, at St. Mary’s Catholic Church. Melissa looked absolutely beautiful, and John wasn’t so bad either. A gorgeous reception followed at the Cruise Terminal, where everything was draped in white. It was a perfect evening. We wish John and Melissa all the best and hope they are sipping on drinks with umbrellas as we all slave away at the office.

Well, kids, that’s all I’ve got this week. Just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous or just some plain ol’ Crawfish Monica lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!