So it is ever going to be fall? When is all this rain going to bring in a cold front? Is it too early to put my Halloween decorations out? I mean, these are pretty important questions and I need answers. I’m tired of dressing for summer. I am ready to be basic with pumpkin spice everything, pumpkins everywhere, scarves, boots — you know, what every girl loves about fall. I am ready so bring it on! But until then, I guess I’ll give you the latest hot gossip.

Give me Ten
Unless you live under a rock, you probably knew the TenSixtyFive music festival was this past weekend. And like the two years prior, it was awesome! Unfortunately, Boozie had to miss Friday night because of a wedding. How rude that the couple didn’t ask if I had plans, but the mini Denny dogs (University of Alabama’s famous stadium hot dogs) and Yellowhammers kinda made up for it. Luckily the spies were out in full force, keeping up to date on all things TenSixtyFive!

Derek Norsworthy kicked off TenSixtyFive on Friday evening. It was a slim crowd but Boozie is sure that’s because they had him starting while most people were just getting off work or heading downtown. After Derek was a country duo, Muscadine Bloodline. If y’all remember, back in March I told y’all Muscadine Bloodline was named by Rolling Stone magazine as one of the “10 New Country Artists You Need to Know.” The duo put on quite the show for their hometown. They had the crowd rocking to their most popular song, “Porch Swing Angel.” My spy said everyone had their cellphones out with their flashlights on, and it was a cool experience.

Side note: Muscadine Bloodline headed to Las Vegas to play at the Route 91 Harvest Festival on Sunday afternoon. The band and crew were all safe during the mass shooting and have asked everyone to pray for all those not as fortunate. We are so glad they are safe and are praying for all those affected.

On a different note, Riley Green followed Muscadine Bloodline on Friday and did not disappoint. Boozie has seen Riley live before, when he was just starting out, so I know how good he is and hate that I missed him on another Mobile visit. But Boozie was told he was spotted walking around downtown and talking with fans. Let’s just say he has a lot of fans that find him very attractive! A country boy and a guitar, some girls just can’t help but get all giggly inside.

Rounding out the first night of TenSixtyFive was Blackberry Smoke. My spy said they were awesome! The street was packed with folks jamming along and dancing. My spy said the crowd went all the way back to Washington Avenue, but that didn’t matter because there wasn’t a bad seat in the house.

No point in lying to y’all: I didn’t travel back from the wedding very well so I might have missed some, OK, most of Saturday’s shows and I’m sorry. However, I do have all the scoop from the later shows!

Boozie also isn’t going to lie about this: I was very surprised at how many people made it out to TenSixtyFive given that there were lots of football games on, and the fact that it rained most of Saturday night. I must say I am proud of the crowd!

Judah and the Lion was a huge dance party! Maybe people were doing a rain dance? But regardless, the majority of the crowd was dancing and jumping around as they played. Like Blackberry Smoke, the street was crammed with people. Some people had been there all day and were dancing around, spilling drinks on people, but they didn’t seem to have a care in the world. One girl even ditched her shoes and danced around in the rain barefoot as the band closed with “Take it All Back 2.0”! Another great show!

Next up was Cage the Elephant. They put on an incredible live show! It was very energetic. At one point Brad gave the front row an extra-close show — he was standing on the barricade playing his guitar while pretty much lying on the crowd! Boozie wasn’t that close but heard the girls on the front row pretty much pulled him in!

Boozie thinks Cage’s most fitting song was “Looking for Answers in the Pouring Rain,” because it was sho’ nuff pouring rain!

Finishing out the festival on Sunday were St. Paul and the Broken Bones. Boozie must say, they were my fav! Before the band started they talked about growing up (musically) in Mobile, from Callaghan’s to the Saenger. Oh, and the time someone threw dirty underwear on the stage at the Saenger. They said they appreciated it! Ha ha, gross!

Like the other headliners, St. Paul and the Broken Bones had the street packed and the majority of people dancing. Boozie even spotted one older couple slow dancing.

While I have your attention, let me ask a question: Where did some of these “fashion trends” come from? Better question is, why do these girls think it’s OK to walk around pretty much half naked? It’s like all young girls got together and said “let’s wear shorts that don’t cover our butts and let’s make sure our shirts are either low-cut, see-through or crop-topped, bonus points for all of the above!” This is everywhere, too. I had friends in college towns wondering what happened to the rest of these girls’ outfits.

All I’ve gotta say is it isn’t cute, and guys will probably agree. So go buy some clothes that cover yourself! If you need help figuring out where to shop, hit a sista up, all the clothes I buy seem to come whole! Oh, and boys, leave the short cutoff jean shorts to the girls, ain’t nobody that wants to see that either!

Biking under the influence
With TenSixtyFive comes drinking, and with drinking comes drunk people. One of Boozie’s spies had headed to Callaghan’s to take a break from TenSixtyFive, and while enjoying a few beers outside she observed a very intoxicated man on his bike. She said he was riding along and then suddenly fell off. She wasn’t sure if he hit a car mirror or just a bump.

He lay there for about five minutes and she thought about going to check on him, but a guy from a nearby house showed up to his rescue. He helped the drunk guy to his feet. He was stumbling all around, my spy said. Then he went to pick up his hat and just fell over. Once again, the guy was helped to his feet and the rescuer tried to help him back on his bike, but realized he was just too drunk. My spy left, but said she overheard the drunk telling his new friend that he didn’t live in the area. Yikes, nothing like trying to be a good person, then getting stuck with a drunk guy and his bike.

That’s it for TenSixtyFive this year! Countdown to TenSixtyFive 2018 is on! Will they be able to top this year? It will be hard.

Well, kids, that’s all I’ve got this week. Just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous, or just some plain ol’ TenSixtyFive lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!