Band: Blackwater Brass Band
Date: Saturday, Sept. 30, 10:30 p.m.
Venue: Pinky’s Bar & Grill, 659 Dauphin St., 251-432-2453
Tickets: Free

Over the past year, OK Bicycle Shop has experienced a tiny bit of growth in the form of Pinky’s Bar & Grill. This open-air, downtown watering hole maintains its reputation as “the smallest bar in Alabama” with pride. With its position near the Jake Peavy Foundation Stage, Pinky’s is looking to celebrate TenSixtyFive with post-festival entertainment sure to draw standing room only crowds.

Blackwater Brass Band’s eclectic brass set will begin after festival headliners Cage the Elephant conclude. Since its debut at SouthSounds, this Mississippi-based brass band has earned new fans with regular visits to Mobile.

Audiences cannot help but be drawn into the band’s energy. Its sets are filled with electrifying brass grooves that evolve into epic jams. Those looking to get their second wind after TenSixtyFive should look no further than Blackwater Brass Band’s set at Pinky’s.