The corridor hearing report summary for the proposed Mobile River bridge and Bayway widening project is now available online in the Documents section of

The report recommends proceeding with further study of the “B Prime” route in developing the Final Environmental Impact Statement.

The Alabama Department of Transportation received 641 comments from the public regarding the proposed project during the official comment period, which ran from Sept. 23 to Nov. 7, 2014.

Eighty-seven percent of comments were in favor of the project, 6 percent were against the project, and 7 percent of those who submitted comments did not specify whether they were for or against the project. A complete breakdown of the comments can be found on page seven of the report.

Based on the comments received, the report also recommends further study of the inclusion of bicycle and pedestrian facilities across Mobile River, which involves getting detailed cost estimates of facility options.

With the recommendation, the preliminary design process for the project may begin. A preliminary design is necessary for finalization of mitigation plans and will provide ALDOT with a more detailed project cost, which will be included in the Final Environmental Impact Statement.

The FEIS will include ALDOT’s responses to comments that were received during the official comment period, commitments to consulting parties, mitigation plans, and the final alternate selection from the DEIS. The FEIS document is expected to take one to two years to complete. The Federal Highway Administration will then issue a Record of Decision for the project within 90 days of the FEIS circulation.