Band: The Blueberry Sessions featuring Charlie Mars
Date: Thursday, Oct. 5, with doors at 6 p.m.
Venue: Weeks Bay Plantation, 12563 Mary Ann Beach Road (Fairhope),
Tickets: $29, available through Weeks Bay Plantation website

Those wanting to extend their musical experience for the TenSixtyFive weekend should look across Mobile Bay to Weeks Bay Plantation. In addition to growing delicious, organic blueberries, Weeks Bay Plantation serves as the Alabama Gulf Coast’s most scenic outdoor venue. Situated on the shores of an idyllic pond, the stage faces a natural incline that envelops the crowd with sound. When the sun goes down, stage lighting dances across the water as bands fill the area with music.

In anticipation of fall weather, Weeks Bay Plantation is collaborating with Hix Snedeker Cos. and Skate Mountain Records for The Blueberry Sessions concert series, featuring notable headliners supported by groups from Skate Mountain Records’ roster.

Mississippi singer-songwriter Charlie Mars will be the first headliner. In recent months, Mars has been taking his listeners to the shoreline with cuts from his most recent release, “Beach Town.” This acoustic-based album is filled with vivid musical snapshots that trip across the emotional spectrum. From the lighthearted “Dream Kitchen” to the album’s lazy title track, Mars’ Blueberry Sessions performance should provide a mellow evening on the plantation before the madness of TenSixtyFive.