‘Tis the season for crawfish, beer, parties, sunshine and good times. Everywhere you turn there is something to do or someplace to be. The spies and I are busy as bees, buzzing all over the place. And Boozie couldn’t be happier! I love being overflowed with the latest tasty, oh-so-sweet gossip to share with you.

Crawfish crazy
Last week the Exploreum’s Junior Advisory Board hosted its annual Crawfish in the Courtyard. This year the rain held out and people flocked by the hundreds for all-you-could-eat crawfish to raise money for the Discover Science Program. My spies said the line was long but it was worth the wait!

My spies also said there were a few hiccups and for a brief moment the crawfish and beer ran out, but they got more just as quickly as they could. I was told some people were patient and remembered they were there to send kids to summer camp, while others forgot the reason for the crawfish season and began complaining. My spies said they didn’t care because even though the beer was out, the wine was still flowing and they got to run around the Exploreum like little kids.

We can’t talk about Crawfish in the Courtyard without mentioning the crawfish-eating contest. This year a group of media folks competed to see who could eat the most crawfish in three minutes. Sean Sullivan from FM Talk came in first by eating 57 crawfish! Boozie is willing to bet Lagniappe’s Andy MacDonald could beat that record — he did bring home the gold in a donut-eating contest a few years back. Just sayin’. Next year, it’s on!

Also, this past Tuesday, Waka Flocka Flame preformed at Soul Kitchen. Unfortunately, Boozie didn’t have a spy in attendance but did have a spy spot Waka at Royal Scam on different occasions. Celebs just love Royal Scam! Boozie might need to start camping out there to catch these celebs herself!

In late breaking Waka news, just after his Soul Kitchen appearance, Mr. Flame traveled to Seattle for a performance and had to be picked up by an ambulance and treated by EMTs for ingesting “#nonGMO edibles and 20 or more blunts.” Yikes!

Greer’s 100 years
If the Ol’ Boozester lives to be 100, I want a birthday party like the one Greer’s threw for their centennial. I’m talking top notch and fancy. I don’t want to blow out candles with friends from the nursing home. I want to be throwing back fancy drinks and great food and be making Boozie’s column.

My spies who attended the bash said it was the best birthday they’ve ever been part of. They said the decorations were beautiful, the food was the bomb and the drinks were top shelf. They went on and on, and I started to wonder if my invite got lost in the mail.

Another spy reported Mobile Mayor Sandy Stimpson was there as well as Prichard Mayor Troy L. Ephriam, and of course the all the Greers were there. One spy said her favorite part besides the crab cakes, prime rib and cocktails was the video showing Greer’s changes through the years. She said it was really cool to see how much the grocery chain has evolved. Who knew celebrating 100 years could be such fun!

A taste of Mardi Gras
This past Friday night, Boozie’s spies were out on the town for the Dominoes Ball. This year’s theme was “exotic jungle,” from what they can remember. The night started with the leading lady being released from her cage by her husband and then the wild night began.

Super Funk Fantasy kept everyone dancing until the very end of the ball and the country club kept the drinks flowing until they couldn’t flow anymore. My spy said she didn’t want the night to end and she wasn’t the only one who felt that way. Apparently people hung around hoping the party might start up again. No such luck.

Mudbugs in the bluegrass
Like I said, this is the time for crawfish parties and St. Mary’s Knights of Columbus know how to throw a party! This past Saturday was the annual Crawfish and Bluegrass Extravaganza at St. Mary. They had crawfish by the boatload — literally, they had two boats filled with crawfish. Not to mention tons of gumbo and hot dogs, and Cammie was scooping up her delicious homemade ice cream. We can’t forget there was beer, too. You can’t have crawfish without beer, unless you are underage, then you know no different.

The Crawfish and Bluegrass Extravaganza is quickly becoming a hot-ticket item. What sets them apart from the other crawfish boils is the music. It is a true bluegrass concert right in Midtown. Headlining the event was Steel City Jug Slammers with other acts, including The Azalea Bluegrass Band, The Cottage Hillbillies, Fat Man Squeeze and Eldon Bryson. Not a bad deal in my book.

While I was only able to stay for a little bit, a spy reported to me about the rest of the evening. He said he thoroughly enjoyed the Steel City Jug Slammers, and despite their overalls and newsboy caps he said he believes some of the band members are more modern than they appear. Can’t put anything past a Lagniappe employee!

Well, kids, that’s all I’ve got this week. Just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous, or just some plain ol’ crawfish lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!