It was only a matter of time before they realized the power of alliteration, but now Buster’s Brick Oven is breaking the breakfast benchmark with brunch! Brick oven brunch pizza, cast iron steak and eggs, a signature brunch baguette and wings and grits are just a few items to get your mouth watering. There is also a European breakfast board and an adult version of a cinnamon roll with bourbon crème anglaise and orange zest.

Other specials accompany the regular menu. Normally open at 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday, you can now add Sunday from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. That dinner is no slouch, either. Make sure you get something prime rib related.

Papa Vince Olive Oil has local ties

I recently found out that one of my customers is in the oil business. The olive oil business, that is. Papa Vince Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a single source oil out of Sicily with a bright flavor and a smooth finish. It isn’t as bold as its Spanish counterparts and is therefore more versatile as it won’t color your flavors as harshly.

They have been growing, harvesting, pressing and bottling since 1935, so I’d say Papa Vince LLC has it down pat. Try it yourself or give a bottle as a gift but be warned: good olive oil is a slippery slope. You won’t enjoy the cheap stuff ever again. They’re at 3757 Gulf Shores Pkwy. Ste BA-1, 251-269-6000 or at

World Market comes to Springdale

Just in time for Black Friday deals, the highly anticipated World Market had a soft opening in the Springdale Mall. For those unfamiliar, the giant chain specializes in home furnishings, hard to find confections and sauces, really good olive oil and excellent wine prices.

I have mixed emotions about the business being so close to my home. Lucas and Graham are fans of Clearly Canadian, such that I may have to take on another job, you know, because I have a lot of free time. Other than that it’s a welcomed addition filling a void initiated by an exodus to McGowin Park. You’ll find a lot of Christmas chocolate here so get busy!

Tiffany B’s delights

I finally made a stop into Tiffy B’s on Old Shell Road in the former Chat-a-Way Café for a quick bite. Results were good for this fairly new restaurant, and I’m thinking this might be what Spring Hill needs. Gumbo was excellent, Buffalo chicken salad was a fresh take on a classic with pulled chicken and the sides were reminiscent of her former employer, Queen G’s.

Not that she’s living in the shadow of a meat and three, we sampled green limas, field peas, chicken and dumplings, red beans and rice, turnip greens and cornbread. Yes, the cornbread was served with almost everything and came with a pat of butter. Expect good things to come out of there. They also have an extensive sandwich menu.