Band: Black Titan, Les Turdz, King Chiefs
Date: Saturday, Oct. 7, 11 p.m.
Venue: The Blind Mule, 57 N Claiborne St.,
Tickets: $5 (21+), $10 (18+); available at the door

The old saying “it’s hard to keep a good man down” goes for bands as well, as The Blind Mule will demonstrate with the resurrection of two great Gulf Coast bands, Nappie Award winner Black Titan and Les Turdz.

Black Titan uses a dense mix of stoner and sludge metal to gather its dedicated fan base. With its updated lineup, this gargantuan example of local metal is ready to re-establish its place in the local scene.

Les Turdz is a Gulf Coast blast from the past. This quartet pushes a tidal wave of adrenalized punk on the unsuspecting crowd. Les Turdz provides a fast, merciless set that fills the room with dark electricity. With its rare and sporadic reunions, local fans should take advantage of this performance.

King Chiefs bring fuzz-laden underground rock from the dark recesses of Phoenix, Arizona. Their album “Tomorrow’s Over” is forged in the madness of the desert wastelands that surround their hometown. Their foreboding, melodic metal is filled with weighty sonic intimidation. Stoner metal fans unfamiliar with King Chiefs are sure to discover a new favorite.