Street, block and Derby parties, a night with the stars of the Silver Screen, rock stars in town and some cocktails and critters. Or as I like to call it just another week in Mobile. Yes, the spies and I have been busier than a cat burying poo on a hot tin roof, but we have managed to roll out of our beds, shake off our hangovers and put together a precious little collection of gossip for you this issue.

So call your momma and tell her you love her and then dig on in to this scoop. Mama always said gossip was good for the soul. Or maybe that was chicken soup or a box of chocolates. Whatever. Just read it.

Street parties abound

Several of my spies attended the Second Annual Lafayette Street Party Promenade recently and couldn’t have had better things to say about it. The folks in this neighborhood really take pride in it, and it could not have been more evident. 

All the houses on South Lafayette really outdid themselves with the hosts providing everything from shrimp and grits to deliciously cooked pork! Of course, there was an assortment of adult beverages to choose from as well. One of my spies is still trying to recreate the rosemary-infused vodka and lemonade drink!

Across MiMo, the Chateauguay Neighborhood block party took place in the huge green space in the back of the neighborhood on Saturday, May 3. Residents served their guests a variety of libations, including one neighbor’s bottle of Key Lime Rum, which really made the rounds. Ouch! Smokin’ Gringos provided the food and Peek provided the tunes. And if you were wondering where WPMI’s Darwin Singleton was that day? Well, he was there!

Packs of kids ran around as parents socialized on the glorious May Saturday.

One spy did say, “That fourth shot was probably a mistake.” Boozie always disagrees with such nonsense. More is more.

Casinos, critters. and of course, cocktails

St. Mary’s Catholic Church had its annual Casino Night also this past Saturday, and my spy said they turned up the swank meter considerably. The theme was a “Silver Screen Spectacular!” and it had most of the patrons looking like they were headed to the Oscars. 

Congressman Bradley Byrne was especially dapper in a white tux as he dealt blackjack and looked like he would have easily been at home in “Casablanca.” WKRG’s weather guru Alan Sealls was also on hand to deal, as was our own Rob Holbert, who reported cleaning out the table at the end of the night and also that he ended up with the best chocolate chip cookies in history as a thank you gift. 

Councilwoman Gina Gregory and several members of the local judiciary had the political end of things covered. 

Music was provided by the lovely Julie Anne Sellers, who may have distracted some of the men from crucial bids during the silent auction. The star of the evening, though, was the blond Labrador retriever puppy up for bid. He was reportedly ridiculously cute and several spouses were heard debating the need for a new addition at the house. My spy didn’t stick around to see who won the pup, though. 

Elementary School Principal Debbie Ollis’ photographic reenactment from “Titanic” was worth the price of admission as well. Turnout was great and it’ll be a tough act to follow next year. 

Speaking of Alan Sealls, he and several of his coworkers at WKRG were on hand last Thursday night at The Blue Gill for the annual “Cocktails with the Critters” bash to raise money for the Dauphin Island Sea Lab. 

It was a tight crowd around the food and the bar for a good part of the evening as guests enjoyed both, along with the music and gorgeous evening on the Delta. Guest were even treated to a rare public sighting of the always-pleasant and gracious Mel Showers. 

As usual the event was a blast and a rousing success, even if my spy said the only critters he saw were boiled and on his plate. Cocktails are much more Boozie’s speed anyway. Critters can stay in the water or swamp as far as I’m concerned.

Alabama Shakes party in the OGD

One of our Oakleigh Garden District spies said ultra hot band, The Alabama Shakes were partying at Callaghan’s on Wednesday, April 30. They have played at the beloved Irish Social Club in the heart of the OGD before and count it as one of their favorite pubs.

They were on their way to NOLA to play Jazz Fest and spent the night at the Battle House, giving them a night to go out. We hear local favorite and musician Eric Erdman, who is pals with the Shakes, also stopped by to party with his buds.

Derby Day and Cinco de Mayo fiestas

My spies said there were many fiestas at the “15th annual Cinco … on Fulton Street” and that is was a real blast. “Big mustaches were issued upon arrival,” said my spy. “And, apparently, some guests thought the mustache was covering their face like a full mask … need I say more?”

Hmmmmmm. That sounds like a hairy situation.

Seersucking in Church Street East

“Never saw so many seersucker pants and hats on both the women AND the men at the Derby party in Church Street East,” my spy said.

Apparently watching a bunch of stallions racing on Kentucky Derby Day got some people feeling a bit frisky in CSE, including a “a socialite from Demopolis.”

It seems a man walked into the home’s parlor in his seersucker suit at the party and the socialite asked a classic seersucker joke (Yes, Virginia, there is a classic seersucker joke).

“Is that your seersucker suit from Cox or your cock sucking suit from Sears?”

Without a hitch, the man replied “from Sears.”

Mercy, mercy me. I love this crazy town.

New light on the issue

So last issue we had a spy provide a photo to us with six city workers standing under a light post in the OGD. The spy who provided the photo, along with two others, told us they were changing a light bulb. Although our spies are typically drunk, they are usually pretty accurate. But we had another person write in upset about it, saying they were not changing a light bulb but rather graciously hanging the new OGD signs on the poles that the neighborhood had come together to paint.

We are sorry if the spies were a bit confused on what was happening on said pole. But come on guys, if you are standing by a light post with a ladder – even if you are doing something else entirely — you’ve got to expect a light bulb changing joke — it’s the oldest one in the book. We make it around here all the time. Our bulbs are rather difficult to change and it takes most of us.

We certainly meant no disrespect to the workers. And the new signs do look fabulous!

Get it together

Country music star David Nail, who had a huge hit last year with “Whatever She’s Got,” was in town playing last week and apparently ambled into Griffith’s Service Station on Government Street and was asking about places to play golf.

While the owners didn’t recognize Nail, one of the regulars standing by did and started pointing and trying to explain who he was. Only problem was he couldn’t think of Nail’s name. Finally he just said, “You’re my guy!”

Guess that’s getting star-struck at its finest.

Well kids, that’s all I got this issue. Just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous or some plain ol’ “Sears-sucking” suit lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!