Lagniappe, weekend edition

Editor: I am an old-fashioned morning, daily-newspaper-in-my-hands, coffee-by-my-side, blankie-and-kitty-in-my-lap, SportsCenter-on-the-tube reader. So when the Mobile Press-Register went to three days, I subscribed to USA Today...

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A few things better than a wall

Editor: Forty-two years ago, a local department store ran a full-page newspaper ad announcing their annual fur sale. You could get a $10,000 fur coat for $5,000! I was in my early 20s with three small children and the idea of...

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Keep on keeping on

Editor: Judging from the illogical, emotional and hate-filled reactions of a few of your readers, Jeff Poor must have had an excellent idea in his Dec. 26 column (“Scorched Earth”). Otherwise, why would leftists feel so...

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All hail the mighty goober!

Editor: Mobile, our home of sweet lunacy, has turned over a new leaf. Or a new nut, that is. Y’all remember that local denizen, The Peanut Man, who lurked underneath the shade of the Government Street oaks for so many years...

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