Letters to the Editor

Keep it coming

Rob, I can’t sit still any longer. Have to congratulate you on the series of articles you...

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Well done, Alan Sealls

To the editor: Thanks so much to Lagniappe and Alan Sealls for being leaders with their column on climate change and weather. As a trained scientist and retired public servant, I understand the importance of this column.  For...

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Public or private? Which is it?

To the editor: Help me out here. When the Foley Beach Express was first constructed, the ALDOT was asked whether this highway was a public (county, state or federal) roadway, since there were no highway sign markers. At the time...

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It’s time to expand Medicaid

To the editor: Hundreds of thousands of Alabama adults have no health insurance. This includes thousands of veterans and their families. You may be one of them. If not, chances are very good that you know one of them.  Without...

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We must protect our youngest citizens

To the editor: I appeal to the hearts and souls of all U.S. citizens, but especially those who are the anti-vaccine and anti-mask ones. The pleading and urging of those who believe in safeguarding our children’s welfare, be it...

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