Alabama wins College Football Championship

Alabama Crimson Tide fans are celebrating an unprecedented fifth national championship in the last nine years, while critics are forced to at least begrudgingly acknowledge that, despite all the hopes and predictions to the...

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We’re all on the same team

Editor: It is abundantly clear that columnist Jeff Poor adheres to the political philosophy of the Republican Party. In commenting on the declaration of Sen. Richard Shelby that he would not endorse Roy Moore in the Senate race...

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The moral high ground

Editor: Regarding Jeff Poor’s column in the Dec. 20 issue, (“The shameless antics of Richard Shelby”), I refer specifically to Rep. Bradley Byrne’s comments in which he states: “I think I signed a pledge to vote for Republican...

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New year, new you

Rob: My wife, Marianne, left the fake fireplace on the fake TV channel for me to watch while she is baking a ham. But she was thoughtful enough to get your column, “Fables of the U.S. Senate race” (Dec. 20) on the computer for...

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