The Tao of Jen

Logging off for the New Year

Happy New Year! I hope you’ve all had a wonderful holiday season. Got any big resolutions for 2016? My goal for this year is to stop spending so much time on the Internet and particularly social media. I’ve concluded I take in...

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… and a starship with a Wookiee

Not too long ago, in a municipality far, far away … Winston, the brainiest elf in the North Pole, put down the science fiction book he was reading and looked out the library window with concern as the snow began to fall harder...

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Dear Santa: Let it snow!

LIFE SPOILER ALERT: The following contains sensitive information that should not be viewed by young children or young-at-heart folks of all ages who do not wish to subject themselves to the harsh and terrible realities of...

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How to defuse the Turkey Wars

The holiday season is officially upon us, and I hope you guys are all looking forward to plenty of happy times with friends and family! I’m looking forward to celebrating with my loved ones, despite all the turmoil that’s been...

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The fall and Middle-earth civilization

We’re already swiftly approaching the middle of November and it looks like we might finally be getting a nice little stretch of that delicious fall weather we always look forward to here in Mobile. I suppose some folks call it...

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Prepare to Mobile the sh*t out of Mars

Well it’s certainly been an exciting few weeks for space nerds! I’ve probably used this column to ramble about space exploration enough that it’s probably no secret I’m a big NASA fangirl, but these last few weeks have been...

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Kung fu, part 2

Thanks for coming back this week to hear the rest of my not-so-legendary kung fu tale. Without further ado, please enjoy this exclusive peek into the training journal of a real-life suburban warrior. Aug. 2, 2014: Dear Kung Fu...

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Kung fu brings BenJen warrior to life

A little over a year ago, I made one of the scariest and most exciting decisions of my life. After spending much of my life daydreaming about learning kung fu, I finally decided to enroll at the Shaolin Institute here in Mobile....

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