A long, strange Independence Day

Cancer (6/22-7/22) — In Independence Day tradition, you’ll attempt to make ice cream from scratch. Afterward, you’ll inquire with Ben & Jerry’s about licensing your flavor inspired by “The Office” — “Don’t Harsh My...

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Causeway fun in the sunshine

Y’all, is this real? There’s sunshine in our lives now! Who would have thought this day would finally come? All I can say is no one better complain about it being too hot or too bright outside. I’d rather the weather be...

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A hard rain’s a-gonna fall

Cancer (6/22-7/22) — In celebration of your birth month and the conclusion of an extended Netflix binge, you’ll emerge from your waterlogged home to find the daylight much brighter than you remembered. You’ll suffer the first...

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Mobile’s Bubba makes the MLB Draft!

Enough is enough! I swear it has never rained this much in my life. I can’t even make plans to be outside because the second I do, it rains. Not to mention all this rain can’t be good for your health — we Mobilians are used to...

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