Y’all, is this real? There’s sunshine in our lives now! Who would have thought this day would finally come? All I can say is no one better complain about it being too hot or too bright outside. I’d rather the weather be sweltering and steamy than raining all day, every day. My backyard stayed so flooded that lily pads started to grow!

I guess Tropical Storm Cindy decided two weeks of rain wasn’t enough so she would bring us some more. Luckily that girl has packed her bags and left town! Time to celebrate the sunshine — and America’s birthday! Cheers!

Causeway fun
This past Saturday was for the boys … and, well, the girls too, because we can have fun on Saturday as well! Some of Boozie’s friends were in town for one of the 500 weddings that took place last weekend, so we decided to all meet beforehand at Nappie nominee for “Best Place to Take Out-of-Towners (Restaurant)” the Bluegill for lunch and drinks.

With Saturday being a nice day, it was hard to beat flaming oysters, cold beer and live music out on the deck. That was an easy way for out-of-towners to think our city was cool! But I gotta say what made everyone’s lunch was Bruce Smelley and one little fan.

Bruce was the Bluegill’s live entertainment, and while I don’t usually have the “ear” for music, this guy was good! He played some great country tunes and really caught the attention of one 2-year-old-ish boy. This little boy would just sit and stare at him while he sang, and even tried to talk to Bruce a few times while he was singing, as well as steal a quarter out of his tip jar. It was cute!

As the day went on and more beers were consumed, someone requested “Dixieland Delight” and that got the crowd going. It seemed like the majority of the crowd was singing the fill-in parts, then it kinda slacked off so Bruce called everyone out. Then everyone was back to yelling the song! Roll Tide, y’all!

The fun didn’t end there — next we headed to Traders. We had to give our guests the full experience of the causeway and you can’t do that without a Causeway Tea! One tea in, we convinced our friends they didn’t really need to go to the ceremony, it’s not like the bride would notice.

Sunday funday
My DI spy didn’t have much to report after the weekend. Most were relaxing after worrying a little about Tropical Storm Cindy. But because of the storm Dauphin Island’s weekly summer concert that’s held on the West End was moved to the Dauphin Island Fishing Rodeo stage. Guests didn’t seem to mind and attendance was high.

Two guests in particular really seemed to like the move. It seems the new location gave two older ladies (my spy said grannies but Boozie thinks their legs were too nice to be grannies) a raised surface to dance on. Apparently they danced the whole time! Good for them! We are never too old to boogie on down, or in their case, just boogie!

Last week Boozie got a little ahead of herself and was giving Bubba Thompson a little more credit than he earned. I said Bubba led the McGill-Toolen Jackets to a state title when he was quarterback, when in truth he led the Jackets to the final round of the playoffs. McGill lost to Hoover in the state championship game. But hey, Bubba is still a better athlete than all of us!

Well, kids, that’s all I’ve got this week. Just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous or just some plain ol’ causeway lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!