Well, I am still waiting on my job offer from last week but I’m beginning to think that it would be a boring anyways. Kind of like sitting alone outside all day drinking wine. All your friends are at work so they can’t be there and you can’t call them to talk. You’d probably have to Uber everywhere because of all the wine consumed, there would probably be weight gain and so on. Guess it wasn’t such a good idea. And I know I have to give you all the gossip you crave so much anyway, so it’s for the best.

Some celebs, if you will, were spotted this past week in Mobtown. As I am sure you heard, Paula Deen was at the grand opening of the new Belk’s store in the Shoppes at Bel Air. Paula took time to sign cookbooks and take pictures. No word on if you received a stick of butter for waiting in the long lines.

Our next spotted celeb was Auburn University’s head football coach Gus Malzahn and defensive coordinator Kevin Steele. Auburn had an off weekend so ol’ Gus decided he wanted to catch the St. Paul’s game against Vigor. No word on if he was there looking for prospective players or if he was there just to pick up a few tips on coaching. (Bad joke, sorry Auburn fans.) But they did pick a good game to attend. St. Paul’s was leading most of the game but lost in the last second. I guess Vigor can say it just takes a second now! Oh, and I thought most of the St. Paul’s quarterbacks went to Alabama?

More Lagniappe love
This past weekend here at Lagniappe, we closed wedding season with our fourth employee wedding. Our art director, Laura Rasmussen, and longtime boyfriend, Brian, tied the knot over in Ocean Springs.

It was the perfect day for an afternoon wedding reception on the lawn of an old home. It was a little warmer than you would expect it to be in mid-October but they had plenty of cold beer to cool you off and plenty of food to fill you up. And let’s just say Boozie had enough of all of it, plus a piece of the groom’s cake that was covered in Reese’s peanut butter cups to top it off.

The couple is away enjoying themselves on their honeymoon. What’s next to come at Lagniappe? Probably the baby boom. First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage! I think I need another drink!

New bars downtown
Awhile back I told you about a new bar opening called Wet Willie’s. Well, last week they opened their doors for business. Wet Willie’s is a daiquiri bar, and let’s just say they have a lot of options. And if that wasn’t enough you can mix flavors. And their flavors have some funny names like “call a cab.” Boozie knows a few “sour apples” that could use an “attitude improvement.” I think I see a daiquiri in my feature this week.

Downtown is growing, stuff is opening left and right, and with that being said I am excited to inform you that O’Daly’s is opening another bar. It will be called O’Daly’s Hole in the Wall and will serve Irish-inspired food with a Southern twist on pub grub. Can we say yum! Boozie really hopes for cheese fries, with actual melted cheese, not liquid cheese. Just something to think about.

Roll Tide Roll
This Saturday night Nick Swardson rolled into the Saenger Theatre. Having a hard time putting a name with a face? Think Terry on “Reno 911” (“I was murdered”), “Grandma’s Boy” and “Blades of Glory.” Now that you know, let me tell you about his show at the Saenger. My spy said she laughed her a** off!

She also said it was a great show. At one point he was talking about football and the Alabama game. Everyone got their typical “Roll Tide” in and he was continuing when one lady shouted out in her country twang, as loud as possible, “Roll Tide Roll!” Nick couldn’t help but stop and laugh, then mimic her Southern drawl. Roll Tide Y’all!

Well, kids, that’s all I’ve got this week. Just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous, or just some plain ol’ Roll Tide lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!