Mobile-based CentraLite’s renown may not be far and wide yet, but still-drying ink on a partnership deal signed with the world’s second largest hardware chain, Lowe’s Companies Inc. (NYSE: LOW), may soon accelerate the company’s cachet on the big stage moving into the New Year. CentraLite will be working closely with Lowe’s to provide consumers with a family of smart devices for home owners in Mobile as well as across the country.

Established in 1997 by QMS co-founder Jim Busby, the manufacturer of front-line home automation energy control products formally announced the news yesterday in a press conference at the 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. At the event, they will also be unveiling some of their latest home innovations such as a new smart garage system, a new smart switch and three cutting edge micro sensors (door, motion and button), among others.

CentraLite has long been a third-party manufacturer of well-known home automation brands before locking down an agreement with the mega-retailer. Their products will be packaged under Lowe’s Iris Home Management System as well as being sold locally under the company’s proprietary suite of devices.

“Our new partnership with Lowe’s is giving CentraLite one of its largest opportunities yet to help shape our growing industry. We’re now sitting in a unique space versus the competition. Our success has not only shown the quality of our products but also our ability to identify up and coming technology well in advance of the industry,” Jason Whatley, director of marketing said.

A write up on CentraLite in CNET highlighted one of their hot new products, the Smart LED Switch, which is designed to fit over the traditional light toggle to facilitate controlling a variety of home devices including lighting, locks, thermostats and garage door openers.

“CentraLite sees this as a solution to the classic app-enabled control conundrum. With your switch now set to the ‘off’ position, you’d have to physically flip it back to the ‘on’ position to have any control from the app. The Smart LED Switch ensures that it is always on so you can always control your device remotely,” the article said.

According to Mike Dow, executive vice presidents of business development, more big announcements about future business moves from the rapidly expanding west Mobile firm can be expected this year.