The Centre for the Living Arts sent word out recently that a new slate of officers is set to oversee their board of trustees and the name at the top of the list is very familiar to Mobilians.

The new Executive Committee consists of former mayor Mike Dow as chair, Tammy Smith as vice chair, Lucy McVay as secretary and Chris Lee as treasurer. They take office in January 2014.

“If we all do our jobs, we will realize the vision of our founder Palmer Bedsole, that the CLA, through its internationally competitive arts programming and community outreach and involvement, will become a major cultural force in the Southeast,” Dow said in the press release. “There is no question in my mind that through our community leaders and citizens investing more interest, time and money in such quality, programs such as the CLA’s recently successful Memory Project and Futures Project exhibitions, we will realize our strategic goals to become a recognized and appreciated ‘safe and sociable city’ for our citizens, and will become nationally competitive as a travel and tourism destination.”

Current board chair Mike Rogers who has served in that capacity for that last couple of years will remain on the board.

A pair of new names also joined the body: Edward C. Mathes and Holle Briskman. Mathes is a New Orleans architect who has served on several projects, including the National World War II Museum. Briskman is described as a community volunteer who serves on the University of South Alabama National Alumni Association.

In addition to those named, current board members are Jim Cox, Barbara Drummond, Roma Hanks, Chris King, Anna Luce and Meg McGovern.