Lent definitely makes my job harder. But don’t worry. I am no amateur and had the spies deployed at a variety of non-bar locations and they came back to me with some really good, albeit unusual, stuff I think you’ll really like. So go ahead and dig on in. As always, Boozie is sugar and gluten free!

Something sweet
On her usual Saturday morning stop at Sugar Rush, one of my spies overheard a few ladies talking about … well, me, Boozie. She said the ladies must have not given up sweets for Lent because they were enjoying “all things sugary and delicious” like my gossip and coffee and donuts. They also mentioned that it’s fun when you think you know who that week’s gossip is about. So this is to you, ladies, thanks for being loyal readers! YOU made Boozie this week! XOXO

Autograph, please
This past weekend Katherine Webb McCarron and former University of Alabama QB and current Cincinnati Bengal A.J. McCarron attended a wedding of a close friend here in Mob Town. Katherine was an honorary bridesmaid, so they attended the rehearsal dinner together. Boozie was told the wait staff at the dinner kept asking A.J. for autographs. I hear that after taking his order, they returned a few times with pieces of paper on a menu asking for his autograph. A.J. didn’t seem bothered and was very nice about it, according to our spy, but others felt they should have left him alone.

Saturday night Katherine flew solo. Boozie heard A.J. had to head off Saturday morning for work. Katherine wore a bodycon dress to the wedding, and at seven months pregnant she looked awesome! She was even wearing heels! A few female guests said they hoped to look half that good when they’re pregnant. Boozie will try to keep y’all up to date on when the McCarrons’ little boy gets here. Two months to go!

Pensacon 2016
One of my spies ventured over to Pensacola for Pensacon and said it was, of course, full of what else but characters. And there were plenty! He filed the following report:

Organizers expanded into more venues throughout downtown Pensacola this year, employing the Rex Theatre in addition to the Saenger for some of their more well-attended panels, which included one with stars of the Star Trek franchise and one for the Kevin Smith film “Mallrats.” It helped minimize the crowding that was so evident in the main arena last year.

The doors opened at 10 a.m. Saturday and there was already an hour wait to claim day passes. If that’s an indicator, they should easily match their second-year attendance of 22,000.

Outside I saw a guy dressed as a Blood Angel Terminator from a sci-fi series of the same name. It was immaculate, with weathering and other things that made it look as if he was camera ready for film work.

Like last year, there were a lot of Deadpools and Harley Quinns. One of the Harley Quinns had one of the biggest hammers I’ve ever seen in my life. She told me her father helped her make it from expanding foam and PVC pipe.

From Star Wars, I saw some Rebel Alliance pilots, a few Kylo Rens, a couple of Reys, at least one stormtrooper in the new armor from “The Force Awakens,” Emperor Palpatine, some Jawas and and Darth Vaders in all sorts of variations.

There were also a couple of guys dressed as Princess Leia, both in standard white robe and slave bikini outfit. They were hilarious and intentionally hard on the eyes.

Tim Burton was well represented. There was a couple with great Jack Skellington and Sally costumes from “Nightmare Before Christmas.” There was also a Beetlejuice with his pair of protégés, Adam and Barbara, who carried their Handbook for the Recently Deceased. The master haunter stayed in character the entire time we saw him, gravelly voice and all.

Other costumes that caught my eye were:
A very impressive Iron Man costume
Doc Brown and Marty McFly from “Back to the Future”
A couple of Maleficents
A few knights from Monty Python
Hunter S. Thompson
Ace Frehley, complete with sunburst guitar
The Rocketeer
A Lou Ferrigno-style Hulk

A couple of gents dressed as Judge Smails (Ted Knight) and Al Czervik (Rodney Dangerfield) from “Caddyshack.” They were tooling around with a golf bag equipped with a phone receiver, radio, television and beer tap. The Czervik guy rigged it all up, even mounting an old skateboard truck on the bottom edge so it would roll.

Several families in themed costumes like parents as Batman and Robin and kids as various villains.

In the homage category, there were apparently a few Goblin Kings, as played by the late, great David Bowie in “Labyrinth.” Appropriately, one had her baby with her. We kept hearing about them but never came across one, but saw photos on the Pensacola News-Journal’s website later.

The most exciting part to me was when I ran into Pensacon founder Mike Ensley and he confirmed he and his staff have been evaluating other Gulf Coast sites for a similar affair elsewhere at another spot on the calendar and have looked at Mobile and Biloxi, specifically. He gave the goal date right now of 2018.

Pensacon 2015 brought $4 million into their area, and judging from an email I received after the weekend, it already looks like organizers are having trouble booking the Pensacola facilities for next year, so could we see this massive convention moved here by 2017? I guess we shall see if the force is with us.

Well, kids, that’s all I’ve got this week. Just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous or just some plain ol’ Harley Quinn lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!