Chasing Fresh has new market on horizon

When we first told you about Chase Corte he was just a boy with a dream. Now his farm-to-table delivery service Chasing Fresh has exploded onto the food scene. It has been decided that one delivery day per week is not enough to fulfill the needs of his loyal fans, so a second “pick-up date” has been added. Where is the pickup site, you ask? In the new Chasing Fresh Market!

As of now the market is open only on Fridays from 11 a.m. until 6 p.m. for pickup orders, but it should be opening daily soon. The street address is 19176 Highway 181, Fairhope. You will find it is just north of County Road 44.

Everything is business as usual, so place your Facebook orders by Tuesday for your regular Wednesday delivery or new Friday pickup, or call (251) 550-9600 for more information.

Mudbugs gets into new digs

Mobile’s favorite seafood market has moved into its new location across the parking lot at the corner of Dauphin Island Parkway and Government. Things are looking good for Mudbugs, and we finally have a nice place to sit with our overstuffed po-boys and snow cones.

Go for lunch and grab a redfish on the way out. They will clean it for you, but don’t be shy about asking for the backbone. That’s where the real flavor is.

Lap’s getting its “sea legs”

As with any new restaurant it takes a few weeks to iron out the bugs. Lap’s on the Causeway seems to be doing just that. They are still packed to the gills and riding that initial high as our bayfront’s latest newcomer, and getting closer to being a well-oiled machine.

I stopped in the seafood market this week and grabbed a couple of tremendous snapper fillets for the grill, and I must say I was not disappointed. Snapper the size of four pregnant watermelons. Service was fast and friendly. The restaurant was jumping and no one seemed to be waiting for anything. I think this is turning into the powerhouse it was designed to be. Grocery, bait shop, restaurant, seafood market, live music, Causeway, what’s not to like?

Fairhope Brewing introduces new IPA

Persistence is the key for our buddies over at Fairhope Brewing Company. Wading through miles of red tape is paying great dividends. Our local beer makers have product on tap covering downtown from the Bike Shop to the Royal Scam as well as all over Mobile and Baldwin Counties.

Not ones to rest on their laurels, their latest creation that caught my eye and had my taste buds yearning is their new (Take The) Causeway IPA. I do love a good IPA on occasion, and can’t wait to try it. Fans of the Paint it Black IPA need not worry. The Causeway is the seasonal, so come and get it at the Tap Room before summer ends. Paint it Black will always be waiting for you.

For a complete list of what is on tap over at 914 Nichols Avenue visit or check for regular updates for events and live music on Facebook.

Bayou La Batre gets nod from Travel Channel’s Zimmern

Since our last contact Travel Channel’s “Bizarre Foods America: Third Coast Episode” spread the word about a couple of places in our area. The Top Five show began with host Andrew Zimmern hog hunting at Hurricane Landing, saying how impressed he was with the flavor of the wild hog and how he was equally impressed with the down to earth people. The trick to that wild hog is trapping them, then pulling the trigger after they’ve calmed down. It seems the show was teaching him right.

I’ve got a guy that brings them to me and we soak them in ice water for three days before marinating. The result is delicious.

Zimmern’s fourth favorite event was eating duck at John Besh’s La Provence Restaurant in Lacombe, La., followed by shooting and eating nutria in the Canary Islands. Second place was bow fishing at night for stingray.

But the number one favorite Gulf Coast moment for Andrew Zimmern was, according to him, “Not even close.” A home cooked dinner in Bayou La Batre at the residence of a Vietnamese family won in a landslide. He had trouble pronouncing Batre but was quick to say the fishing community was close knit and welcoming. Zimmern urged people to take in what south Alabama has to offer. I second that emotion, and appreciate him acting as ambassador to basic cable viewers.

Geaux Boy gearing up food truck

The latest news in Mobile’s growing food truck scene has me in overdrive. Geaux Boy is expected to be up and running later this month and promises the best in New Orleans style po-boys. If you read this column with any regularity you should know that I am a fan of such an idea and am pleased to announce that our culinary superhero/sandwich vigilante is planning on a Ferdie Special type of interpretation! Slap the Swiss on it and you have Mobile’s Ralph!

Meats will be smoked in-house (how he can do that in a truck is beyond me, but I don’t question Geaux Boy) for that special touch. Plans are for the lunch crowd and weekend late night drunk service. Be sure to follow him on Facebook and Twitter. Who is this Geaux Boy? When will he reveal himself?

Tune in next issue. Recycle.