Band: Strung Like a Horse
Date: Friday, Aug. 25, with doors at 9 p.m.
Venue: The Merry Widow, 51 S. Conception St.,
Tickets: $10 available at venue and its website

Tennessee has given birth to some of America’s greatest music. Country, rock, blues and Americana have emanated from cities such as Nashville and Memphis. Strung Like a Horse is showing the world Chattanooga shouldn’t be overlooked as an important facet of Tennessee’s music scene.

This group has used its eclectic folk-rock sounds to establish a nationwide fanbase. While its recordings embody the group’s acoustic electric energy, Strung Like a Horse’s raucous live show takes the band’s sound into another dimension.

The tracks of its latest album, “Free,” defy genre. Freight-train rhythms and a tinge of bluegrass highlight the album’s title track before the vocals drop. Just this small addition into the aural mix shifts the song’s persona into the world of gypsy jazz.

The rest of the album follows this template. Other tracks exhibit classic country overtones met with volleys of folk punk goodness. This group’s adrenalized sound and performance should have locals anticipating the return of Strung Like a Horse.