Saturday, March 11, is the day chili lovers have been waiting for. It’s the 28th annual American Cancer Society Chili Cook-Off coming to The Grounds. Four hours of fun-filled chili eating as teams compete for fabulous prizes will surely brighten anyone’s day.

On top of scoring several bowls of red, your $10 ticket affords you live entertainment from two of the area’s favorite bands, Peek and Stereo Dogs. Proceeds from the event will be used for local educational programs to teach the importance of early detection and prevention, patient services such as transportation and life-saving research.

Last minute advice to those who are cooking: If you burn the chili DO NOT scrape the bottom of the pot. The event runs from 11 a.m. until 3 p.m. at 1035 Cody Road. For tickets, visit

Zea’s closes in Mobile
In sad news, it was announced last week on social media that Zea Rotisserie and Bar has closed its Mobile location. The restaurant, on Airport Boulevard near the University Boulevard intersection, was a part of our dining community for 14 years.

I once attended a wine dinner there and was blown away. Fans of Zea can still visit any of the locations scattered about southern Louisiana, listed on

Bamboo Fusion meets with same fate
In even sadder news, the only sushi within walking distance of my house is permanently closed. Bamboo Fusion Bar and Grill at 2400 Airport has drifted off into the great beyond. Its super-cheap lunch specials and amazing tuna bomb were not enough to keep the doors open.

With the closing of its sister restaurant Bamboo Bistro last summer, this still leaves Bamboo Steakhouse on Cody Road. It’s a bit of a drive for me, but the food was excellent the last time I visited.

I hate seeing vacant buildings in my neck of the woods. Let’s hope something else pops up soon. Stay strong, Fuji San. You’re my only MiMo sushi.

Girl Scout Thin Mint cereal created by evil genius
So the 2017 Girl Scout cookie season may be over. I’m still holding a box of Tagalongs and a half sleeve of Thin Mints, the latter of which is used as currency at the workplace. You can imagine my surprise when Lucas and Graham raided the cereal aisle at Greer’s and vocally let the shoppers a few aisles over know that there is Girl Scout Thin Mint Cereal!

Yes, the fine folks at General Mills have decided I should give up grits for a little while by teaming up with GSA for what could be the breakfast game changer. Bite-sized cereal “cookies” do give off a pleasant amount of mint and chocolate that makes America’s favorite cookie so good, and the boys love it.

Is it healthy? I don’t know. I don’t care. What I do know is that I can’t wait to try the other cookie cereal flavors.