Spanish Fort is fortunate to have one of my favorite lunch spots, and if you haven’t experienced Cheryl’s Café you should make arrangements to do so. Cheryl’s draws a dining crowd from Daphne, Fairhope, Stapleton, Loxley and downtown Mobile.

Nestled atop the hill where the causeway becomes Highway 31, our groups of professionals on this side of the bay make the quick drive for incredible lunch items such as Parmesan-encrusted pork chops, fresh veggies and the ultimate Dream Pie. Often they find a packed house with no place to sit.

Have no fear, young lawyers and business folk, you are almost guaranteed a spot with their newest addition to the dining area. Cheryl’s has added to the south side of the building, creating an open room with plenty of natural light and air conditioning, adding 600 square feet of eating space.

My most recent visit proved to me they haven’t gotten too big for their britches. The food was amazing as usual, and Cheryl’s son Mitch is still putting out more grub than possible on a tiny stove. There are kitchen renovations in the works.

Just in time for summer Cheryl’s is adding homemade ice cream to the dessert list, which for me is only an option if they run out of Dream Pie.

My only problem with Cheryl’s is the side item section of the menu: I cannot narrow it down. It’s easier for me when they run out of things, lest I order six different veggies.

Don’t get too big, Cheryl. Keep being the place where everybody knows your name. Visit 6580 Spanish Fort Blvd.

Lil Brian’s Produce a hit
A recent trip to Butch Cassidy’s landed me a score of pickled eggs. Owner Roy Seewer and I are both fans of the delicacy and I’ve been on him to put his version on the menu. But on this day I walk in to see a smiling Roy (who is usually rather stoic) with a jar of Amish Wedding brand jalapeño eggs.

He explained he hit the jackpot with these bad boys while visiting Lil Brian’s Produce at 5830 Highway 90 W. in Theodore. This former Jimmy Lowe’s spot is brimming with all your fresh produce needs and a wide range of pickled whatever. I’m told they even have pickled Brussels sprouts!

I appreciate the jar, Roy. Put them on your menu. I’ll visit Lil Brian’s as soon as I can. Open 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

Local beer news looking good
Those of you who love craft beer may have the tingling feeling this city is about to have a beer renaissance. It’s already happening. Haint Blue Brewing Co. has sneaked into various bars and restaurants with its porter and IPA as well as a recent release of a Saffron Saison. We are even starting to see its IPA in bottles! Good for them. We look forward to a taproom.

Serda Brewing is steadily making progress and will be here before you know it. Expect German-style beers with American craft beer flair. John Serda doesn’t take these things lightly. My prediction is they will be fantastic.