Well, we had a “Holly Jolly Christmas,” y’all, but I’ll be honest the Boozester is ready for a “Silent Night” or two. Christmas parties and Chippendales and people dancing crazy on a bus, makes for one exhausted gossip columnist. And I haven’t even gotten to the celebrity sightings yet. And I am talking about real HOLLYWOOD celebrities, not local TV news anchors, which usually qualify as celebs around here.

But with NYE, GoDaddy, Senior Bowl and then Mardi Gras, there is no rest for the wicked or the gossipy, apparently.

So now that your stocking is unstuffed (which sounds kind of dirty), time to fill up your cup with all the area’s tastiest scoop. I’m not even sure if that last sentence made sense, as I think I’m still drunk for the Lagniappe Christmas party.

Lagniappe Christmas Party gets a little Cheesy

The Lagniappe crew got together for our annual holiday gathering on Friday, Dec. 13 at True Midtown Kitchen. Of course, there were a lot of folks drinking too much and talking too loudly. But it wasn’t until we boarded the Cheesewagon party bus for our annual “Booze Cruise,” or as I like to say, “Boozie Cruise,” that things got “nasty.”

At least one person was making good use of the poles in the bus – we should have let him off at Diamonds or The Candy Store.

And let’s just say the “Spiderbite” shots at Drifters finished at least one person off. And we’re not sure if they were just hammered, but many reported they thought the place was “swaying.” I think it was just the former.

George, the Cheesewagon’s awesome driver, delivered them all back safely and everyone threw up in the comfort of their own homes, which was good because it’s $250 if you puked on the bus.

Movie stars smitten with BBQ, Beignets

With two movies being shot in the area — “The Prince” in Mobile and “Somnia” in Fairhope — there have been a few celeb sightings.
Lucky for my gossip lovers the stars took to Twitter and horseback to provide some juicy morsels.

John Cusack tweeted on Dec. 16 about his love for Moe’s BBQ saying, “Moes Alabama barbeque is deeeelicious…” His love for the fare almost brought him back to Moe’s on Dec. 17 until his liberal leanings led him elsewhere.

On Dec. 17, Republican and new District 1 Congressman Bradley Byrne held his election night party at Moe’s BBQ, which I hear was a great time. Cusack was invited by a local conservative political columnist to come celebrate the GOP’s win and the actor replied, “Make that take out!”

Sneaky baristas/photogs at Serda’s Coffee on Royal Street also captured Cusack two days in a row enjoying their Peanut Butter Pleasure Smoothie, which does sound like a pleasure.

Across the bay, Kate Bosworth was working on “Somnia” and enjoying Fairhope. The actress tweeted her favorite finds, which, if you are wondering, are the following: eats — Panini Pete’s especially for their beignets; threads — Lyonstate; sparkles — Estate Jewelers; gifts — A Place Remembered and The Happy Olive; and books — Page & Palette.

Bosworth did make her way to this side of the bay to shoot during ArtWalk on Dec. 13. Mayor Sandy Stimpson and Police Chief James Barber, who were riding horses down the closed Dauphin Street, were asked to stop by the set to say hi to Bosworth.

Stimpson said the actress asked to get up on a horse and Deputy Chief Joseph Kennedy obliged.

“I asked her if she was comfortable on a horse and she told me, ‘Oh, I was a jumper,’” Stimpson said.

Bosworth was a champion equestrian at the age of 14 and appeared in “The Horse Whisperer.”

Unfortunately for the actress, her contract kept her from joining Stimpson and Barber for their ride down Dauphin.

Things gettin’ chippy at Veet’s

Apparently the Chippendales show at Veet’s Dec. 14 was a big hit, but a couple of the ladies got a little overheated with all that manflesh on the stage.
Our spy tells us everything was going well at the heavily attended event when two women decided it was time to brawl.

“They were just coming across the table at each other,” our spy said. Security intervened but these women did not want to break it up. Apparently one of the female bartenders finally got one brawler in a headlock and dragged her outside and the show resumed without incident. 

One of the performers did need a couple of Band Aids after he tried to break things up and was cut with fingernails. That’s a brave man to have so much hanging out near all those flashing nails. 

Mariachi my love

We hear an early morning sales meeting at a local business was recently interrupted by a mariachi band there to bid happy birthday to one of the managers. Apparently it was quite the surprise and really spiced things up. Nothing like mariachi before 10 a.m.

Well kids, that’s all I got this issue. Just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous, or some plain ol’ dirty Santa hambone lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!