Many who’ve tried to have the Press-Register stop throwing newspapers and/or advertising circulars in their yards each week are still reporting little success in getting it to happen.

As we and other media outlets have reported, the P-R’s Yes and Bargain Finder products — essentially bags of advertising inserts wrapped in a single sheet of newsprint — were singled out by Mayor Stimpson’s administration as playing a big role in the city’s litter problem. Citing their First Amendment rights, the P-R has continued throwing these products, along with free newspapers, into the yards and properties where they have not been requested.

Circulars thrown by the Press-Register litter a midtown sidewalk recently. The mayor’s office has identified the circulars as a major source of litter.

Circulars thrown by the Press-Register litter a midtown sidewalk recently. The mayor’s office has identified the circulars as a major source of litter.

While the authorities at Alabama Media Group — which runs the P-R — have made almost no comment at all on this matter, they did let it be known local residents could request to not have things delivered and it would stop. But that doesn’t seem to be the case for many.

Anecdotally, I’ve been told by scores of people they can’t get the P-R to stop throwing. I know at my own house, where I have never requested any of the items, Gulf Coast Life — formerly known as Bargain Finder — continues to show up each week. And now the Sunday paper is being thrown sporadically.

My co-publisher, Ashley Trice, actually sat on the phone a couple of weeks ago to get put on the “do not throw” list, to no avail. She said the entire call — most of which consisted of sitting on hold — took 11 minutes and one second to complete. But Gulf Coast Life keeps coming and now she’s also getting the Sunday paper.

On a recent walk around the Lagniappe office’s block, on a day when the Gulf Coast Life was delivered, at least two of the bags had broken and released their contents down the sidewalk, where they were blowing into to the streets and sewers. Stimpson’s Administration has pointed out the circulars are ending up in the area’s waterways.

It’s hard to see how this situation will end, as many Mobilians would like to have these circulars stop being thrown, but they remain a good source of income for the company.

One suggestion is “Throwback Thursday.” It stands to reason that if these circulars aren’t litter when they’re thrown in your yard they wouldn’t be litter if they’re thrown back at the building on Royal Street downtown. If citizens are fed up enough to throw them back, perhaps it’ll stop. Just a though.

Ericson lands at Bellingrath
Good news for one of the reporters recently laid off by the Press-Register a few weeks ago.

Sally Ericson, who most recently handled school coverage, among many other things, has been hired by Bellingrath Gardens and Home.
“I am very excited to announce that I have been hired as director of public relations and marketing at Bellingrath Gardens and Home. My first day will be March 2. Thanks so much to everyone who assisted in my job search. I appreciate all of your kind words and support!” Ericson wrote.