As the Mobile Area Water and Sewer System (MAWSS) works to repair drainage problems caused by a separate project to replace a sewer line running underneath Langan Park, resident Ronald Hunt created a blog to share photos of the resulting damage. Hunt said his intent was to “make sure they clean up their mess.”

“I have been promised it would be taken care of,” he said. “I’m trying to document it.”

Hunt’s photos show areas of what is also known as Municipal Park that he deems “dangerous.” Most of his complaints involved the ground disturbance resulting from MAWSS’ work.

“Most of the problems have been tearing up the grass and flowers and stuff,” Hunt said.

MAWSS Assistant Director of Operations Douglas Cote explained the massive project to replace a 30-foot concrete pipe required a “cured-in-place” pipe, forcing contractors to build a bypass apparatus.

“The pipe was old and needed to be replaced,” Cote said.

Work on the project will be done in phases. The first, which will be completed this week, took place on the north side of the park’s lake. Afterward, a second phase, using the same bypass apparatus, will begin on the lake’s south side, Cote said.

Once the project is completed on the north side, a landscape contractor will come in and fix any holes and divots created by the bypass, he said.

“Our objective is to return it to the way it was before we started the project,” Cote said, arguing the “cured-in-place” method actually resulted in a lot less damage to the park grounds than another method that would have required a trench.

Hunt said he’s going to keep documenting the work. He apparently has some support, as members have begun signing up to comment on the site,

In addition to four galleries of photos showing the damage, Hunt added links to the contact information of Mayor Sandy Stimpson and City Council President Gina Gregory, as well as a link for contacting MAWSS leadership.

Gregory, who represents the area affected by the project, reiterated that MAWSS would be responsible for restoring the park to the same condition it was in before the project began.