Mayor Sandy Stimpson and city officials celebrated the end of Mobile’s last open air drug ring on Thursday, as part of the city’s ongoing effort to revitalize the Campground community.

Stimpson authorized the demolition of 1076 State St., a house where more than 650 drug transactions have been documented by the Mobile Police Department. Officers arrested 13 people for trafficking and possession of illegal drugs at the location on February 27.

The City’s Public Works Department cleared debris at the adjacent property immediately after the drug bust in February and the city received legal authority today to demolish the house itself. The structure was a decades-long nuisance to the health and safety of the neighborhood.

These efforts demonstrate the city’s aggressive approach to tackling blight and crime under the leadership of Mayor Stimpson and Chief James Barber.

“This is a significant milestone in the Campground community,” Stimpson said. “After walking through this very block with Chief Barber during Christmas, I made a promise to the neighborhood that I would come back to change it for the better. I remain committed to that promise. We will continue to work in this community until it is restored to its historic significance.”

The Campground community celebrated the accomplishment with a cookout provided by the Mobile Police Department.

“Property owners who facilitate drug use and sales and create the systemic violence that accompanies it will simply not be tolerated,” Barber said. “This corner will once again be a place in which the community can embrace and show pride.”