What originally began as a simple bike rack has transformed into a safe space for cyclists in Mobile.

The City of Mobile and Delta Bike Project have teamed up to upgrade the on-street bike parking in downtown Mobile.

“Creating a bikeable community has been a priority of this administration since taking office and was identified as a priority by our citizens during the Map for Mobile long-range planning process,” Mayor Sandy Stimpson said in a statement. “It is important that we provide the citizens of Mobile with the necessary infrastructure to feel comfortable biking across the City of Mobile. Whether it is creating a safer, more bikeable Water Street or connecting downtown Mobile with the Three Mile Creek trail, making Mobile pedestrian and bike-friendly will connect our neighborhoods and businesses and move us forward on the path to becoming One Mobile.”

At the intersection of Dauphin and Joachim Streets, the City has implemented a new green paint scheme to delineate the bike parking space and installed bumper blocks to ensure safety from vehicular traffic.

Over the weekend, Delta Bike Project installed new bike racks and flower planters to beautify the space. In the coming weeks, the City will place white tubular markers for reflectivity and height when the bike racks aren’t in use. The upgrades coincided with the Food Network filming that took place at LoDa Biergarten on Monday.

“What started as a small fundraising idea by Biergarten staff to install a bike rack on Dauphin Street has led to a partnership between business owners, non-profits and our City leadership that has transformed a key downtown intersection into a beautiful and safe space for 18 bicycles,” Jeff DeQuattro, executive director of the Delta Bike Project, said in a statement. “We are grateful for support from MPD, city traffic engineering and the city leadership in supporting projects like these that allow citizens and non-profits to improve the livability of Mobile.”

In 2015, Stimpson and Delta Bike Project unveiled the first bike rack during the Delta Bike Project’s Gears and Beers fundraiser. The bike rack was so successful that it led to 15 fixit stations and pumps and and bike parking for 40 bikes.