The city will present concepts for a possible new use for the site of the Mobile Civic Center at an open house slated for Monday, Nov. 13, Mayor Sandy Stimpson’s office announced.

The goal of the event, which will take place at 5:30 p.m. in the 53-year-old building’s lobby, is to present concepts to the public and receive their input, city spokesman George Talbot said.

“This 24-acre space in the heart of our downtown is a significant part of our community,” Stimpson said in a statement. “We have an incredible opportunity to transform an aging facility into a landmark that serves multiple purposes for all of our citizens and guests. We’re excited and motivated by all of the possibilities for Mobile.”

According to a fact sheet provided by the city, staff met with “sports associations, our downtown hotel and restaurant association, developers, music venues, arts and entertainment groups, Mardi Gras representatives, surrounding neighborhoods and many other individuals and groups directly impacted by the Mobile Civic Center” and have come up with a number of concepts that will be presented to the public.

Talbot said one such concept would be to transform the Civic Center into a mixed-use complex featuring residential and retail development. Another concept would be to leave it as it is, he said.

Another concept that will be presented would be to transform it into a sports and entertainment venue, similar to what it is now. In all, Talbot said five concepts would be presented.

Following the open house, the city will begin to formulate a plan using citizen feedback, according to the fact sheet. The city will then shape a request for proposals “to address high-level needs including civic, residential, retail, recreation, arts and Mardi Gras,” send the RFP to global development groups to inquire about interest in developing the site, establish a public-private partnership and create a transition plan. The city hopes to begin construction in 2020.