The City of Mobile’s very first “Fun Mobile” — a truck full of games and sports equipment that will travel from park to park — was delivered this week.

The Fun Mobile is currently being stocked with kick balls, board games, Frisbees, horseshoes, softballs, hula hoops, bases, marbles and golf clubs for putting. It is expected to be fully operational by next week. The route will include stops at Crawford Park, Duval Park, Laun Park, Newhouse Park, Kidd Park, Henry Aaron Park, Medal of Honor Park, Municipal Park, McNally Park, Rickarby Park and Lyons Park.

“As summer approaches, we want to encourage our children to have fun, be safe and stay active,” Mayor Sandy Stimpson said. “The Fun Mobile gives our young people an outlet many of our parks did not previously offer.”

The Fun Mobile truck will be operated under the athletics department by two part-time, seasonal employees. In addition to driving the truck to the aforementioned locations, they will conduct a variety of sports and games that will lead up to the Mayor’s Cup, the championship. Children ages 6 to 17 are eligible to compete in balance beam, frisbee throw accuracy, base running, jackstones, Checkers, jump rope, clock golf, marbles, disc golf, hopscotch, horseshoes, tennis and softball throwing.

The finals of each competition will be held the week prior to Mayor’s Cup Day on each playground. The winners of these games will compete in the Mayor’s Cup. Awards will be given out to Mayor’s Cup Champion and Runner-up. The date and location is to be determined.

“I encourage all of our students out for the summer to enter the Mayor’s Cup,” Stimpson said. “This is how we’ll become the most family-friendly city in America by 2020.”