Keep Mobile Beautiful will host a “community appearance forum” in Tillman’s Corner Wednesday, foreshadowing what one official said would be a stricter enforcement policy city-wide to combat litter and blight.

“With the mayor’s increased emphasis on the environment, residents should expect increased enforcement all over Mobile,” said Bob Haskins, director of KMB. “Tillman’s Corner for years was a community unto itself, but more recent action to annex it made it the southwest gateway into the city. So we’re going to do what we can, with state highway officials and others, to improve the physical appearance of that area and promote it as thriving community.”

Haskins said the two-hour forum would allow city officials to interact with the public to review some of the ordinances that will be subject to stricter enforcement. Those include the litter ordinance, sign ordinance, landscaping ordinance and tree ordinance. Haskins said a representative from the urban development department would also be on hand to talk about legal options residents and the city has to address abandoned or neglected properties. Judge Holmes Whiddon of the Mobile Environmental Court will also discuss how to avoid being the subject of legal action, Haskins said.

“We hope to share a lot of information about our mission at Keep Mobile Beautiful and provide our tools and resources to make sure people can get into compliance and help with the enforcement process,” he said.

The forum begins at 10 a.m. Feb. 26 at the Tillman’s Corner Community Center at 5055 Carol Plantation Road. The public is invited.