In the Lagniappe cover story “Reproduced,” published on June 12, arts editor Kevin Lee reported artists from the West Coast were claiming local artist William Morris had reproduced some of their works without permission.

In a follow-up piece written on July 17 (“Echoes from previous story continue”), Lee wrote of how Morris’ works had recently appeared in at least one local gallery.

“Elsewhere on the web, Morris’ disputed work appears in some auspicious places. A May 29 photo on the Facebook page of Orange Beach’s The Compleat Studio shows a wall decorated with Morris paintings. One of those featured is the painting of the cat that Oakland artist Karen Frey said she created before it was copied by Morris from a magazine. Both works were also shown in our June 12 issue,” the article stated.

The owners of Compleat Studio contacted Lagniappe to let us know the William Morris painting that was hanging in the Compleat Studio was removed on June 10, as soon as they were made aware there were issues with his work.