I would like to express my opinion on the name of the proposed bridge over the Mobile River. But first I should point out the negative actions that have occurred during the life of the Mobile-Tensaw Delta.

Many years ago the Delta was a lifeline as a food source for indigenous, proud people. The American Indian respected all of the nature and was wise and caring steward of the delta. But due to shameful acts the nutrient-rich tidewater was blocked with the asphalt causeway and polluted with garbage thrown into the waterways.

So I am proposing a name that will glorify the delta. The delta would be seen for miles from this high-rise bridge. I believe children should be educated on the caretaking of nature and this name would create questions about the delta.

I believe it would be a world-class name. I would like to propose the bridge to be named “The Lady Delta Bridge.”

J. “Butch” Davis,