Band: Dog River Mud Bottom Revival
Date: Sunday, May 7, 3 p.m.
Venue: The Dog Pond, 2415 Venetia Road,
Tickets: $25, available through Eventbrite

The Mobile Bay Area in the springtime is a glorious sight to behold. The good people at the nonprofit Dog River Clearwater Revival have a deep appreciation for this regional aspect, dedicating their efforts to “improving the water quality of the Dog River Watershed.”

Each year, the group holds the Dog River Mud Bottom Revival to both regenerate funds and raise awareness of the organization’s mission. With its locals-only lineup, this annual music fest has become a favorite with bands, music lovers and environmental enthusiasts alike.

This year’s festival will feature three local favorites. The Crowned Jewelz will bring their upbeat funk and soul to the mix. Slide Bayou is also scheduled to perform, a local supergroup featuring Harrison McInnis, Lee Yankie and Ryan Balthrop. Another conglomerate of local talent, Willie Sugarcapps, will headline the event, filling The Dog Pond with a musical recipe mixing beautiful harmonies with modern Americana.