Thank god it is almost over.

I think that may be the only thing everyone in this state can agree on regarding the Alabama Special Senate election. Though I have grown quite adept at hitting the mute button when the television is on so I won’t have to explain what “soliciting sex from young girls” means every other minute to my small children, I cannot wait until Dec. 13.

What an absolute mess. And I place the blame for this squarely on the shoulders of Gov. Robert Bentley and Luther Strange. If both of them hadn’t put their own self interests above the good of this state and our people, we wouldn’t be on the verge of possibly electing someone who is accused of undressing and touching a 14-year-old girl and picking up teenagers from the mall and/or out of their high school trig class.

At this point, I doubt there are many people left in this state who haven’t already made up their minds. Sure, there were true believers on both sides, but a large swath of people have decided to vote for the man they deem to be the lesser of two evils.

The “two evils” consist of an accused child molester who has been removed twice from office and a Democrat who believes in abortion rights.

So who should the lesser of those two “evils” be?

The answer here is clear. Roy Moore has absolutely no business being our representative in the United States Senate. Even before all of these allegations, most people viewed him as a flawed candidate at best and an absolute crazy person at worst. Removed twice from office, he used his own charity to enrich himself. How very Christian of him!

He has spent zero time discussing his views on the issues. I am not even certain he understands the basics of tax or health care reform, foreign policy or immigration. The man didn’t even know what DACA was when asked, for heaven’s sake.

He refused to debate Doug Jones before the sexual misconduct allegations came out and has made very few public appearances. Many probably would assume this is because he doesn’t want to have to answer the allegations of these women. I am sure that is some of it, but my guess is he is also worried he may actually have to answer a question about policy, which he couldn’t do. All he knows how to do is preach a little sermon and talk about how he will prevent transgender people from doing this, that or the other — you know, an issue that affects every Alabamian on a daily basis (eye roll).

I believe his accusers. Maybe not every single detail of every one of their stories, but there’s way too much smoke there not to be fire. But before I believed them or even knew about them, I believed Roy Moore would be a disaster for this state in more ways than one. He knows nothing about the issues and he would be an absolute detriment to economic development.

Could you imagine this man trying to broker a deal with Toyota-Mazda or Amazon executives?

Roy Moore: Thanks for meeting with me. I’d like to start off the meeting by saying I don’t know those women who accused me of molesting them. Now let’s get down to business. It’s great that you want to bring thousands of jobs to Alabama, but before we can move on I am going to need to know what kind of bathrooms you plan to have in your factories — they will be marked girls, I mean, women and men, right?

Executives: Um, we were kind of hoping to talk about whether your state could meet our infrastructure and labor needs.

Roy Moore: Yeah, I have no idea about either of those things — what I do know is that we need clearly marked ladyfolk and menfolk restrooms.

Executives (whispering to each other on the way out):
Bathrooms? What in the hell is he talking about? Let’s just go to Mississippi. And to think everybody told us it was WORSE than Alabama.

To me the choice has always been a no-brainer. And it seems like a no-brainer to many people across the country. Even our other Republican senator, Richard Shelby, said he couldn’t and didn’t vote for him. That’s pretty bad and should speak volumes.

Still, even with that, I get that it’s hard for many Alabama Republicans who have never voted for a Democrat to think about voting for Doug Jones. If you just can’t, do as Sen. Shelby did and write in a “distinguished Republican.”

But to those few people who may still be on the fence and could vote for a Dem, I say please think of this from a purely practical sense. Roy Moore will be terrible for the Republican party. Every Republican will be asked about these allegations and if they support him for the next two years. Child molestation, Republican and Alabama will be mentioned in the same sentence a million times.

And Moore will be a disaster for this state. He has proven he has no respect for the rule of law. He thinks his views supersede everyone else’s, which I suppose is fine if you agree with him, but what happens when you don’t? He will be an embarrassment, like he has been before and like he is now. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

I hear the argument about Doug Jones and abortion. I understand people have strong feelings about that issue. But how long has abortion been legal in this country — even when the country has been under Republican control? You may argue there are places on the Supreme Court that may be in play. But even so, you never know how judges are going to act. Remember conservative justice John Roberts was supposed vote down “Obamacare.” How did that work out?

Furthermore, the notion that “liberal” Doug Jones will go to Washington to be a lap dog for Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi is highly unlikely. He’s not an idiot. If he gets elected and goes to Washington and acts like he’s representing the interests of San Francisco rather than Frisco City, he knows he won’t have a prayer of getting re-elected. Hell, even if he votes like the most conservative Democrat in history, he probably will still have a hard time getting re-elected in two years if the Republican party puts anyone decent up to run against him.

Doug Jones is a smart, capable, normal human being who would not embarrass us. If he were elected, I think he would put the interests of his constituents above his party and vote accordingly. And that’s a lot more than I can say for Moore, whose only interest has always been and continues to be the glorification of Roy Moore.