Well, well, well, who would have thought football would have played out like it did this past weekend. I guess those losses had you kids down in the dumps and locked up inside, mourning. Just remember, football season also means dip season, so heat up that leftover Buffalo chicken dip, get a scoop and dip it up while reading this tasty scoop of a different variety.

Come on down
  Growing up, missing school because you were “sick” meant you spent the day at your grandparents’ watching TV while they forced you to drink fluids. But it also meant you got to spend an hour with Bob Barker and dream about getting to spin the big wheel on “The Price Is Right.”

This past Thursday night, some people’s lifelong dreams came true as the traveling version of TPIR hit the Saenger Theatre. Yep, “The Price Is Right” was in town and Boozie’s spies said the Saenger was packed to the rafters with people dying to win “a new car!”

Host Todd Newton was a slightly spicier version of Bob Barker — at least on stage. Todd got the crowd whipped up and had lots of fun with some of our more colorful representatives.

Boozie’s spy said it was a mini version of the set, but the wheel and Plinko looked the same as on the televised show. And just as in Hollywood, would-be contestants wore crazy shirts in hopes they would get a chance to be on the show. One guy’s shirt said, “Got the stash, need the cash,” and he did have a pretty impressive mustache.

A couple had on red shirts that said “We need a honeymoon.” The groom had on a bowtie and the bride had on a wedding veil. Todd’s shining moment may have been when he invited the bride-to-be on stage and asked for a kiss on the cheek. As she moved in, Todd turned and gave her a smooch. Bobby B would have been proud! Todd wisely made the fiancé stay in the audience.

Boozie hates she missed the chance to play Plinko!

Flashback Friday
This past Friday at Springhill Swim Club was a reunion years in the making as the band White Animals came back to play the Port City. Back in the ‘80s, White Animals could have been found at the Lumber Yard, Poor Richard’s and some of the city’s other gone-but-not-forgotten watering holes.  

Boozie’s spy reported White Animals put on an amazing show for the crowd of 40-somethings, as they were taken back to their high school and college days. My spy said the enthusiastic crowd was singing along to the band’s hits and covers, and there were lots of moms and dads getting down on a fun night out.

Sugar, spice and everything nice  
  If you missed your chance to spin the wheel on “The Price Is Right,” maybe you got to spin the wheel at the Whole Foods grand opening on Tuesday! When Boozie saw the ad in Lagniappe about Whole Foods offering preview tours, she signed right up!

A $5 donation for Bay Area Food Bank was suggested and it was well worth it. They started tours on Friday morning and ran through Saturday evening. Whole Foods employees were still busy unpacking boxes and training employees, but it didn’t seem to matter to the people on the tour. Boozie has never been on a grocery store tour, but if they’re all like this, sign me up!

The tour started out with a talk about nuts — keep it clean, kids! — the kind that can be ground into spread and purchased by the pound. Then we moved on to hearing about how Whole Foods gives back. Boozie is wondering if “Boozie’s Beer Fund” is a worthy cause?

Samples were next up on the tour. Those included lotions, coffees and cakes. One was yellow cake with white icing and the other was chocolate-on-chocolate. Boozie couldn’t decide which to pick so she had one of each!

Boozie of course got excited as we neared the wine section, but first we made a stop in the deli where we sampled quinoa salad and learned about Char, their in-store restaurant that has 12 beers on tap.

At last we came to the wine and beer section, but there were no samples! Apparently they couldn’t give samples of wine or beer because not everyone was of age. Boo! Throw the kiddies out and pop the cork!

I am happy to report they have a fantastic selection of wine and a wall of 16 taps to fill growlers! Oh, and the cheese that was sampled would be perfect with a bottle of vino.

Up next was Boozie’s second favorite sample (after the booze) — ice cream. This was the best ice cream Boozie has ever had from a grocery store. I highly recommend the BLVD Tasty Ice Cream, vanilla custard flavor.

We rounded out the tour with a shrimp cocktail, a piece of ham and green lemonade. The tour was wonderful, although one of the female attendees raised her arm to point at something, revealing an armpit full of hair. Yuck! Perhaps she could have gone and sampled some organic shaving cream and razors made from recycled materials in the beauty section. Meow.
Orange Beach Groove
Ace Frehley, former lead guitarist and founding member of the rock band KISS was reportedly seen relaxing at the Caribe in Orange Beach this past weekend. Boozie’s spy didn’t say much, but he was seen a couple of times floating in the lazy river. I guess once you are named one of the Greatest Metal Guitarists of All Time, there’s nothing like a little down time in a lazy river.

Shout out
Monday morning, actor and Hottie McHottson Ryan Reynolds was a guest on the popular morning talk show, “LIVE with Kelly and Michael.” Michael asked Ryan if he has a favorite location to film and Ryan mentioned Mobile as one of his favorite places. He said, “I love Mobile, Alabama. It is a beautiful place, it is a gorgeous city.” Guess Ryan fell in love when he was in town filming “Mississippi Grind” back in March of last year. The film came out last month. We hope Mr. Reynolds will be back to the Port City soon. Boozie would love to show him around.

  Well, kids, that’s all I’ve got this week. Just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous, or just some plain ol’ Animal lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!