Regarding the latest debacle for the Convention Center and the “disappointing turnout” for World Leisure Congress, I can recall when it was proposed. It was a “Godsend” for the center and showed there actually might be something coming down the pike that was worthwhile for the lackluster performance there.

It had to have all the hype it possibly could – the greatest thing to happen since canned beer – because they already had their tit in a wringer over poor performance and an unfilled convention center hall and were totally missing their “heads in beds” promises. It had to be pumped up since they had produced zilch to offset the costs of running the place or justifying its staffing expense and salaries.

The next greatest thing to come along is the Women’s Bowling Congress (in 2021) that will fill the city and cause traffic jams it’s going to be so great. But, if you’ll look back at the last time it was here, you will see the figures (not adjusted for inflation) where the city took a hit for more than $300,000 in losses as it “just didn’t pan out” like the hype said it would.

Maybe the Poarch Creek Indians would still like to buy the convention center? Has anybody talked to them and included them in their oh so great plans?

You better hurry because I bet even they’ve seen the light and wouldn’t touch the place with a 10-foot pole. It’s cheaper to close it down and lose the staffing than keep pouring millions into it each year.

Kerry Muzzey