Between the horrible time change and the warm and/or cold and/or dreary weekend weather, the only thing keeping Boozie happy was her mixed drinks and, of course, the crazy shenanigans you all kindly provide me each and every week. I hear the sun may be coming back out right about the time this issue hits the stands, so go ahead and grab your prescription shades and soak up some sun with all this Vitamin D packed gossip. That’s D for Deeeeeee-licious!

Governor or lawyer
Last Tuesday night the second Republican candidate of the 2016 presidential campaign made a stop in the Port City, when Ohio Governor John Kasich hosted a campaign event at Wintzell’s downtown. It didn’t trump Donald Trump’s visit, and so far no picture of an excited/laughing woman has surfaced on the Internet. But we do have a Boozie-worthy story.  

Alabama’s own Gov. Robert Bentley has been an early Kasich supporter and was on hand to introduce his man. But Bentley got put on the spot a couple of times. Once was when Kasich started talking about how he’d lowered taxes in Ohio to spur job growth, then nodded to his Alabama counterpart looking for an “amen” on tax cutting. Guess he hadn’t read about Bentley’s struggles to get a big tax increase through the legislature.

Mobile Mayor Sandy Stimpson also had a little fun at Bentley’s expense when he introduced him, telling the crowd he’d convinced the governor to send all of a recent BP settlement to Mobile County instead of dropping it into the state’s general fund. Stimpson definitely did not get an “amen” from the governor there either.

As Bentley was preparing to do an interview with a local TV reporter outside Wintzell’s before Kasich’s speech, a gentleman cruising down the sidewalk exclaimed loudly that, “You two look like some sure-enough lawyers!” Boozie is guessing he doesn’t keep up much with current events or read Lagniappe.

A shuckin’ good time
The threat of yucky weather did not keep folks from turning for The Hangout Oyster Cook-Off & Craft Beer Fest in Gulf Shores this weekend. The festivities began Friday night with tasty suds from all over the Southeast and the Black Jacket Symphony performing Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon.”

On Saturday, the Absolut Bloody Marys and Veuve Clicquot started flowing early, which was a big help to those who’d had way too many tiny cups of strong beer the night before. My spies said their favorite oysters were from the Signa Grille out of Ridgeland, Mississippi, and Nashville’s 404 Kitchen, but the Pensacola Beach Hilton took the top prize handed out by the judges.

Another spy said she enjoyed listening to the sweet sounds of Lennon & Maisy, who you may know as The Conrad Sisters on the hit show “Nashville” on ABC. No, there were no Rayna James sightings, though. Sorry!

The spies also said celebrity chef Anne Burrell’s cooking demonstration was great and she even slipped in an Alabama incest joke. Nice! Maybe next year she can work in bestiality!

Corn dogs for days
Boozie has eyes everywhere and this past weekend she had eyes in Tuscaloosa for the Alabama-LSU game. Boozie’s spy said nothing makes you feel old like going to a college town and seeing how much has changed. Yeah, sure, the campus has changed a lot, but Boozie’s spy swears what girls are wearing has changed more than anything.

My fashionista spy said she felt like she needed to cover her boyfriend’s eyes because of all the girls in short skirts and short dresses. Guess those girls missed the memo that it was going to be cold and raining or that butt cheeks hanging out makes you look like a hooker.

Boozie’s spy also reported some signs that were seen hanging from college student houses. Some were not appropriate and can not be repeated, but here are two that are a little more fit to print, as they say in the biz: “It’s a NO GEAUX!” and “@sam_ponder Netflix and chill?” Keep up the creative writing, kids!

Of course, Boozie can’t mention LSU without mentioning corn dogs. I was told a lot of tailgaters had corn dogs as their tailgate food and they were quite tasty. Poor LSU. I forget how they got that nickname, but I guess it’s all in good fun. I can certainly think of worse things to smell like.  

Well, kids, that’s all I’ve got this week. Just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous, or just some plain ol’ oyster lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!