The University of South Alabama is setting a chaotic course by following a trend across our nation which ignores the rule of law. I reference the recent incident of refusal by a student to obey an order by the campus police concerning a holster on his side.

An “anonymous caller” had reported a gun on campus earlier. When the police saw the student’s holster, they did exactly what they should have. They had no way of knowing if there was also a gun. Instead of the student cooperating in a respectful manner, he made a statement which provoked the offer and the led to a citation being issued.

Upon “investigation” by the university, it was determined the officer violated the student’s rights, at which time the officer was placed on unpaid leave for five days. Not only he but his family will suffer, all because he was carrying out his duty to protect the other students from possible harm.

All this while the student bathes in the limelight as a campus hero, which will certainly encourage others to follow his example. Before long no one in his right mind will seek a career in law enforcement. The good guys do not win anymore … sad!

Claude Wyndham,