Thanksgiving is here, but have no fear, Boozie has plenty of beer. OK, OK, I know that was bad but I thought you might want a little cheese with your turkey. And of course, it’s also one of my favorite times of year, as it is downright required to consume as much as alcohol as possible so we can put up with family that we are oh-so-thankful for. No worries, Boozie is ready to take on the challenge.

Between Thanksgiving and the Iron Bowl, Boozie will be seeing double — double vodka waters, that is. So take a break from family time and catch up with me, your favorite sister from another mister!

Born to celebrate
Boozie was quite impressed with Visit Mobile’s new brand and video, “Born to Celebrate.” In just two days the video had almost 3,000 views and at press time close to 6,000. It is very well produced and shows how our city has a “certain magic,” with scenes of Bienville Square, Mardi Gras and the Delta prominent throughout, among other iconic landmarks.

And it featured some of our most famous movers, shakers and troublemakers, like Chief Slac, the Excelsior Band, musicians Eric Erdman and Molly Thomas, as well as attorney Karlos Finely and coffee extraordinaire John Serda, among others.

Boozie is a little sad she didn’t get to make an appearance in the video, but they probably didn’t want someone perched on a bar stool. I get it.

You can check out the video for yourself on YouTube or on the Visit Mobile Facebook page.

Can you keep it down?
Like most females, Boozie loves Target. You can get everything you need and didn’t know you needed there. On my latest trip to Tar-zhay, I decided to go alone so I wouldn’t have a certain spy asking why we were back in the Christmas section for the fifth time or why I need another workout top when I don’t work out. Be gone, spy! Peace and quiet I would get. Or so I thought …

While looking on the yoga mat aisle, your ol’ retail-lovin’ Boozester overheard two men very loudly complaining they couldn’t find “no huntin’ stuff,” “no fishin’ poles” and “no camou.” After shaking their heads in disbelief, the other man said to his fishin’/huntin’ buddy, “It’s a cryin’ shame being right here on the bay and they don’t have nothin’ besides a camou Alabama hat.” Crying shame is right, Huckleberry, now keep it down, you’re messing with my Zen! And, oh yeah, Roll Tide! There are some local outdoor stores that can fix you up real nice!

Oh Christmas tree
This past Friday night was the annual Christmas tree lighting in Mobile. Boozie’s spy said it was quite nice. Christmas carols were sung, balloon animals made and faces painted. My spy wanted Sandy Bear painted on his face but didn’t think the artist would take too kindly to a grown man getting a mayoral bear painted on his face, as that’s just as creepy as the bear itself. Speaking of Sandy Bear, he was in attendance along with Mayor Sandy Stimpson and his lovely wife, First Lady Jean.

FOX10’s Will Robinson Smith was the host of the event. The Mayor and his wife flipped the switch and lit the tree around 6:10 p.m. There was a pretty big crowd and Boozie’s spy was happy to report there was no pushing, unlike at another tree lighting across the bay. Boozie suggests reading a blog post titled “We don’t push in Fairhope.” Just Google it. Apparently things are getting a little “shovey” over in Pleasantville. Gasp.

Burrrrrrberry jam
Sunday Funday at Weeks Bay Plantation in Fairhope was a hit. Boozie’s spy said it was a good crowd for the bands: The Revivalists, Earphunk, McLovins and Maradeen. My spy said it did get a little bit nippy after the sun went down, and she was freezing. Hello, girlfriend. Have I taught you nothing? Two words: Bour Bon.  

Boozie’s spy was very impressed with the venue and can’t wait to go back. Next time she will be better prepared.

State Representative and county commission candidate Margie Wilcox cuttin’ a rug at Mobile International Festival. Girl’s got some moves.

Well, kids, that’s all I’ve got this week. Just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous, or just some plain ol’ Sandy Bear lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!