The Mobile City Council’s public safety committee will meet at 3 p.m. on Tuesday to discuss a proposed ordinance that would make it easier to get junk cars out of public view.

The ordinance is based on state legislation introduced by Rep. Adline Clarke [D-Mobile].

The proposal would allow city officials to ticket inoperable vehicles with or without current registration, Bloomberg Innovation Team Executive Director Jeff Carter told councilors during a pre-conference meeting.

After a ticket has been on the vehicle in question for 30 days without action, the city can tow it away once all of the owners have been notified. If nothing is done after 60 days, the city can sell the vehicle at auction.

The council delayed a vote on the ordinance last week because of lingering questions about it.

Also on Tuesday, the council’s capital improvement program committee will meet at noon to continue work on the upcoming five-year plan and ensure efficient and effective use of funds through better coordination between the councilors and the administration. The meeting will be held in the council conference room on the 9th floor of the south tower in Government Plaza.

Last month, Council Vice President Levon Manzie appointed Councilmen Small, Richardson and Williams to serve on the council capital improvement program committee. Manzie is required by law to serve out the duties of the president in their absence, including appointing members to council committees.