Members of the Mobile City Council surprised long-time District 7 representative Gina Gregory Tuesday morning, after she announced she had finished her last round of chemotherapy.

The councilors honored Gregory with a proclamation Tuesday, a week after she had completed treatment for breast cancer. In addition to reading the proclamation, Gregory’s colleagues each wore pink “Team Gina” shirts, along with her husband Todd.

Upon seeing the council reaction, Gregory joked she had gotten used to wearing fake eyelashes, due to losing her hair, but that the tears would be a challenge.

Gregory, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in March, had originally gotten up to present a proclamation about October being breast cancer awareness month. She shared her personal story during the announcement. She said she had a bilateral mastectomy on April 4, which was also her wedding anniversary.

While she was recently able to “ring the bell” at the Mitchell Cancer Center, signifying the end of treatment, Gregory stressed that she’s still not at 100 percent when it comes to the after-effects of chemotherapy.

“When I finished my chemotherapy I knew I could see a light at the end of the tunnel,” she said. “I want to thank you for your indulgences and patience and everything you’ve done for me.”

The presentation included Gregory’s oncologist, Dr. Thomas Butler, who spoke to the council as well.

“Gina has been quite an inspiration to all of us,” he said. “As a patient, she teaches us how to take care of her. It’s a pleasure to be here, and we appreciate your support of her.”