Thousands of votes were cast in the 2014 Nappie Awards, revealing the best in Mobile-area arts, cuisine, music, culture and more.


Best All Around Bar
1. O’Daly’s
2. Callaghans

Best Bartender
1. Jacob Merritt at The Garage
2. Alex Mosiniak at O’Daly’s

Hottest Bartenderess
1. Fifi Gill at Kitchen on George
2. Lindsey Bembry at The Garage

Hottest Bartender
1. Josh Giraldo at O’Daly’s
2. Rafa at Bonefish

Best Dive
1. Hayley’s
2. The Garage

Best New Bar
1. Firehouse Wine Bar
2. Plow

Best ESho Bar
1. McSharry’s
2. Plow

Best WeMo Bar
1. Crooked Martini
2. Heroes West

Best MiMo Bar
1. Butch Cassidy’s
2. Ashland Midtown Pub – Kimberly’s (tie)

Best LoDa Bar

1. OK Bike Shop
2. The Haberdasher

Best SoMo Bar
1. Zebra Lounge
2. Pelican Reef

Best Beach Bar
1. Flora-Bama
2. LuLu’s

Favorite Casino
1. Hard Rock
2. Beau Rivage

Favorite Craft Beer
1. Fairhope Everyday Ale
2. Fat Tire

Favorite Imported beer
1. Heineken
2. Stella Artois

Favorite Hard Hat Beer
1. Bud Light
2. Miller Lite

Best Alternative Lifestyle Bar
1. B-Bob’s
2. Gabriel’s

Best Bar Bathroom
1. OK Bike Shop
2. O’Daly’s

The Bar Bathroom Most Likely to be Replicated in Hell
1. Hayley’s
2. The Garage

Best After-hours Bar
1. Hayley’s
2. Gabriel’s

Best Happy Hour Bar
1. Kitchen on George
2. The Garage

Best Eastern Shore Happy Hour
1. California Dreaming
2. McSharry’s

Best Sports Bar
1. Heroes
2. Buffalo Wild Wings

Bar Where You Are Most Likely to Get Lucky
1. Boo Radley’s
2. B-Bob’s

Bar Where You Are Most Likely to Pick Up a Cougar
1. Veet’s
2. The Garage

Bar Where You Are Most Likely to Pick up a Sugar Daddy
1. The Candy Store
2. The Garage

Best Jukebox
1. Hayley’s
2. The Garage

Best Place to Shake Your Booty
1. Studio 5’4”
2. B-Bob’s

Best Beer Selection
1. LoDa Bier Garten
2. OK Bike Shop

Best Wine Selection
1. Red or White
2. Firehouse Wine Bar

Best Crawfish Bar
1. Boo Radley’s
2. The Garage

Best Place to Get a Fancy Drink
1. The Haberdasher
2. Kitchen on George

Best Margarita
1. Fuego
2. La Cocina

Best Bloody Mary
1. Café 615
2. T.P Crockmier’s

The Perfect Martini
1. Kitchen on George
2. Bonefish


Best Hairstylist
1. Tammy Walker at Reflections
2. Phrankey Lowery at Studio PH

Best Make-up Artist
1. Jessica Price
2. Olivia Fryfogle

Best Day Spa

1. The Porehouse
2. Salon West 5400

Best HooHa Waxer
1. Leah Jeffreys at The Porehouse
2. Crystal Quattrone at NoJe

Best Place to Get a Mani/Pedi
1. Studio PH
2. Vivian’s

Best Hoo-Ha Doctor

1. Dr. Brittney Laughlin at Women’s Health Alliance
2. Dr. Glenn Gallaspy III at Azalea City Physicians

Best Boob Doc
1. Dr. Chris Park at The Park Clinic
2. Dr. Charles Dyas at Bay Area Plastic Surgery

Best Facelift Doc
1. Dr. Stephen Martin at The Martin Center
2. Dr. Chris Park at The Park Clinic

Best Dermatologist
1. Dr. Roberta Swain at Mobile Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and Dermatology
2. Dr. Amy Morris at The Center for Dermatology

Best Weight Loss Doc
1. Dr. James Jardine at Mobile
Medi-Weight Loss
2. Dr. William Urquhart at Mobile
Medi-Weight Loss

**Best Gym
1. SportPlex
2. Planet Fitness

Best Dentist
1. Dr. Tommy Johnson
2. Dr. Leo Ginn

Best “Doc In the Box” Clinic
1. Greater Mobile Urgent Care
2. Hillcrest Urgent Care

Best Veterinarian
1. Dr. Mary Katherine Cross at Old Shell Animal Hospital
2. Bit and Spur Animal Hospital

Best Pet Groomer
1. Lola Bell’s
2. Dana at Adorable Dos

Best Massage Therapist
1. Lauren Rose
2. Daniel Harris

Best Florist
1. Elizabeth’s Garden
2. Cleveland the Florist

Mechanic/ Auto Repair Shop (where you don’t feel violated afterwards)
1. Griffith Service Station
2. Milton’s Honda

Best Carwash/Detail
1. Bebo’s
2. Rich’s

Best Lawyer if your Spouse is a Ho (divorce)
1. Claude Boone
2. Jerry Pilgrim

Best Lawyer to keep you from becoming someone’s bitch (Criminal)
1. Jeff Deen
2. Sid Harrell – Gordon Armstrong (tie)

Best “Slip and Fall” Lawyer(s)
1. David J. Maloney
2. Greene & Phillips

Best Yoga Studio/Instructor
1. Teddy Ward
2. Bikram Hot Yoga

Best Wedding Photographer
1. Jeff Tesney Photography
2. Kayla Steade Photography

Best Personal Trainer
1. Josh Foster – Sportplex
2. Trent Moody

Best Realtor

1. Sam Winter with Sam Winter & Co.
2. Brett Twilley with Roberts Brothers

Best Car Dealer
1. Joe Bullard
2. Springhill Toyota

Best CPA
1. Paul Jernigan
2. Mark Hieronymous

Best Landscaper
1. Spring Hill Landscape
2. Live Oak

Best Caterer
1. Bay Gourmet
2. Chef Rob & Co.

Best Gentleman’s Club
1. The Candy Store
2. Diamonds

Best Place to hold a reception/special event
1. Bragg Mitchell
2. Ezell House

Best Mobilian Ever
1. Joe Cain
2. Mayor Sandy Stimpson

Best Mobilian Right Now
1. Clayton Allen (Mobile Fire Department Paramedic)
2. Mayor Sandy Stimpson

Best Golf Course
1. Magnolia Grove
2. Country Club of Mobile

Coolest Neighborhood (Mobile)
1. Oakleigh Garden District
2. Springhill Manor

Coolest Neighborhood (E Sho)
1. Fruit and Nut District – Fairhope
2. Lakewood

Coolest Up-and-Coming Hood (Mobile)
1. Downtown Mobile
2. Brookwood

Coolest Up and Coming Hood (ESho)
1. Historic Malbis
2. Magnolia Springs

Best Annual Event
1. Mardi Gras
2. BayFest

Most Eligible Bachelor
1. Gossip Greg – WABD
2. Theo Middleton

Most Eligible Bachelorette
1. Katie Barfield
2. Courtney McDonald

Best Place to take Out-of-Towners
– Restaurant
1. Felix’s
2. Kitchen on George

Best Place to take Out-of-Towners – Local Attraction
1. USS Alabama
2. Bellingrath Gardens

Best Place to Antique
1. Antiques at the Loop
2. Cotton City

Hippest/Trendiest Clothing Store (Men)
1. Metzgers
2. G Harvell

Hippest/Trendiest Clothing Store (Ladies)
1. Lunatix
2. Dragonfly

Best Fine Jewelry
1. Claude Moore
2. Goldstein’s

Best Dry Cleaners
1. Paragon
2. Gulf City Cleaners

Best Home Cleaning Service
1. The Maids
2. Two Gals and a Mop

Best Little Shop to Pick up a Gift
1. M. A. Simons
2. The Little Shoppe, Satsuma

Best Furniture Consignment Store
1. High Cotton
2. Divine Consignment

Best Clothing Consignment Store
1. Hertha’s
2. Rave Reviews

Best Lingerie/Naughty Store
1. The Gift Spot
2. Lucy’s Love Store

Best Local Home Furnishings Store
1. Room Service
2. Atchison Imports

Best Local Four Year College
1. University of South Alabama
2. Spring Hill College

Best Local Non-Traditional College
1. Blue Cliff College
2. Virginia College

**Best Vape Shop
1. Want 2 Vape
2. Vapor Hut

** Best Bank/Credit Union
1. Regions
2. Wells Fargo


Best Kids’ Clothing Store – New 1. The Holiday
2. Tiny Town

Best Kids’ Consignment Store
1. Kids’ Wearhouse
2. Carousel Kids

Best Kids’ Room Furnishings
1. Polka Tot Designs
2. Siegel’s

Best Summer Camp
1. Dauphin Island Sea Lab
2. Drama Camp at Sunnyside Theatre

Best Nursery School
1. St. Paul’s Early Education Center
2. Springhill Baptist Child Development Center

Most Kid-Friendly Restaurant
1. Moe’s Southwestern Grill
2. Hungry Owl

Best Birthday Party Place
1. House of Bounce
2. Pump it Up ­— Knot Just Beads (tie)

Best Park/Playground
1. Lavretta Park
2. Medal of Honor Park

Best Pediatrician
1. Dr. Michael Strickland
2. Dr. Nancy Wood

Best Kid Dentist
1. Dr. E. Gaines Thomas
2. Dr. Todd Chambliss

Best Kid Photographer
1. Laura Cantrell
2. Janie Long Photography


Best Club to See Live Music
1. Callaghan’s
2. Soul Kitchen

Best Outdoor Bar to See Live Music
1. Blue Gill
2. Lap’s

Best Non-Bar Venue
1. Saenger Theatre
2. The Wharf

Best Local Band
1. Ben Jernigan Band
2. Mob Towne Revival

Best New Local Band
1. The Mulligan Brothers
2. Danny Spiro and the Wingmen

Best Band Name
1. Sonny Bama
2. Small Zoo

Best Solo Musician
1. Eric Erdman
2. Ryan Balthrop

Best Guitar Player
1. Ben Jernigan
2. Dale Drinkard

Best Area Singer
1. Holli Mosley
2. Ross Newell

Best Area Drummer
1. Chad Sutley
2. Greg DeLuca – Rick Perry (tie)

Best Area Bassist
1. Ben Leininger
2. Owen Finley

Best Area Piano Player
1. Chris Spies
2. Shawn Wright

Best Drag Queen Performer
1. Jawaketema Davenport
2. Miss Venus

Best DJ (not radio, the record scratchin’/ mash-uppin’ kind)
1. DJ Hunter Clarke
2. DJ Salty


Best Local Artist
1. Sarah Haas Otts
2. Julie Rhames

Best Art Gallery
1. Ashland Gallery
2. Cathedral Square Art Gallery

Best Museum
1. Mobile Museum of Art
2. Museum of Mobile

Best Theatre Group
1. JJP
2. MTG

Best Play or Performance of the year
1. Legally Blonde
2. Spamalot

Best Local Actor
1. Brandon M. Caten
2. James Boykin


Best Locally Owned Restaurant
1. NoJa
2. Osman’s

Best New Restaurant (Fine Dining)
1. The Noble South
2. The House

Best New Restaurant (Casual)
1. Lap’s
2. Mugshots

Best Chain Restaurant
1. Bonefish
2. Chipolte

Best Beach Restaurant
1. LuLu’s
2. Fisher’s

Best Eastern Shore Restaurant
1. The Wash House
2. Fairhope Inn

Best Chef
1. Carl Tilley at Kitchen on George
2. Rob Stephens with Chef Rob

Best Server
1. Ashley Welborn at R&R
2. Zack Sutherland at Mobile Country Club

Best Atmosphere
1. The Bull
2. Kitchen on George

Best First Date Place
1. Kitchen on George
2. Mirko

Best Cheap Date Place
1. Dew Drop Inn
2. Callaghan’s

Most Underrated Restaurant
1. Benjamin’s
2. R&R

Most Innovative Menu
1. The Noble South
2. Benjamin’s

Best Outdoor Dining
1. Lap’s
2. OK Bike Shop

Best Sweet Tea
1. Heroes
2. Moe’s BBQ

Best Biscuits
1. Dick Russell’s
2. Thyme to Eat

Best Home Cookin’/Soul Food
1. Stagecoach Cafe
2. Mama’s on Dauphin

Best Service
1. Felix’s
2. Ruth’s Chris

Best Dessert
1. Delish’s Desserts
2. Flour Girls

Best Restaurant Wine List
1. Kitchen on George
2. Ruth’s Chris

Best Wings
1. Butch Cassidy’s
2. Buffalo Wild Wings

Best Chicken Fingers
1. Foosackly’s
2. Zaxby’s

Best Ice Cream/Yogurt/Gelato
1. Cammie’s
2. Chill

Best Lunch Spot
1. Panini Pete’s
2. Delish’s Desserts

Beast Eastern Shore Lunch Spot
1. Guido’s
2. Windmill Market

Best Ice
1. Foosackly’s
2. Pollman’s

Best Wine/Gourmet Shop
1. Red or White
2. Domke Market

Best Annual Food Event
1. American Cancer Society Chili Cook-off
2. GreekFest

Best Gumbo
1. Wintzell’s
2. Lap’s

Best Po Boy
1. Geaux Boy
2. Boiling Pot

Best Sushi
1. Liquid Sushi Lounge
2. Master Joe’s

Best Bakery
1. Flour Girls
2. Pollman’s Bakery

Best Burger
1. Callaghan’s
2. Butch Cassidy’s

Best Steak
1. Ruth’s Chris
2. Briquettes

Best Seafood
1. Tin Top
2. Felix’s

Best Brunch
1. Café 615
2. TP Crockmier’s

Best Ethnic Food
1. Yak the Katmandu Kitchen
2. Mediterranean Sandwich Company

Best Mexican
1. Fuego
2. La Cocina

Best Italian Restaurant
1. Mirko
2. Via Emilia

Best Pizza
1. Buck’s Pizza
2. Mellow Mushroom

Best Coffeehouse
1. Serda’s
2. Cream and Sugar

Best Eastern Shore Coffeehouse
1. Coffee Loft
2. Latte Da

Best Grocery Store
1. Rouse’s
2. Publix

Best Place to get local produce/foods- Mobile
1. Old Shell Road Market
2. Market on the Square

Best Place to get local produce/foods- Baldwin
1. Allegri
2. Windmill Market

Best BBQ
1. Moe’s BBQ
2. Dreamland

Best Cupcake
1. Gigi’s
2. Flour Girls

Best Seafood Market
1. Southern Fish and Oyster
2. Lap’s

Best Drunk Food
1. Heroes
2. Geaux Boy

Best Hangover Food
1. Foosackly’s
2. Callaghan’s


Favorite Radio Station
1. WZEW 92.1
2. WABD 97.5

Best Local DJ
1. Q-Tip – WABD
2. Gene Murrell – WZEW

Best DJ/Radio Show team
1. Dan and Shelby – WKSJ
2. Wayne and Mark – FM TALK

Best Morning Show/DJ
1. Dan and Shelby – WKSJ
2. QTip in the Morning

DJ Whose Voice Leads you to believe you may want to see HIM naked
1. Nick Fox – WABD
2. Colton Bradford – WKSJ

DJ Whose Voice Leads you to believe you may want to see HER naked
1. Shelby Mitchell – WKSJ
2. Ali – TK101

Best Talk Radio Host
1. Uncle Henry
2. Sean Sullivan

Best Sports Radio Show
1. Talking Football WNSP
2. WNSP Sports Drive

Best Local Evening Newscast
1. FOX 10

Best Local Morning Newscast
2. FOX 10

Best Anchor
1. Mel Showers – WKRG
2. Bob Grip – FOX 10

Best Meteorologist
1. Alan Sealls – WKRG
2. Jason Smith – FOX 10

Best Investigative Reporter
1. Andrea Ramey – WPMI
2. Peter Albrecht – WKRG

Best Sports Coverage
1. Randy Patrick – WKRG
2. FOX 10

Sexiest Local TV Newsman
1. Michael White – FOX 10
2. Greg Peterson – WMPI

Sexiest Local TV Newswoman
1. Chasity Byrd – FOX 10
2. Avery Cotton WKRG – Kelly Jones WPMI (tie)


Favorite Lagniappe Columnist
1. The Dish by Andy MacDonald
2. Artifice by Kevin Lee

Favorite Lagniappe Cover Story
1. Heart to Heart by Casandra Andrews
2. The Energy Issue by Gabriel Tynes, Jason Johnson, Dale Liesch

Favorite Lagniappe Cover
1. Heart to Heart by Dan Anderson, photographer
2. The Energy Issue by Laura Rasmussen

Favorite “content creator”
1. Sally Ericson
2. David Holloway

Favorite Glossy Magazine
1. Mobile Bay Monthly
2. Access Magazine

Best Local Website or Blog
1. Mod Mobilian
2. Got Busted Mobile


**Hardest Working Elected Official – city of Mobile
1. Mayor Sandy Stimpson
2. City Councilman Fred Richardson

**Hardest Working Elected Official – Mobile County
1. Sheriff Sam Cochran
2. District Attorney Ashley Rich

Hardest Working Elected Official ( Baldwin – county or city)
1. Sheriff Hoss Mack
2. Fairhope Mayor Tim Kant

Issue You Are Most Tired of Hearing About (Mobile)
1. MAWSS Board controversy with Sam Jones and Fred Richardson
2. Fred Richardson

Issue You Are Most Tired of Hearing About (Baldwin)
1. Sharks
2. Schools breaking away from Baldwin County Public School System

**What year will the I-10 bridge be completed?
1. Never
2. 2020

**Denotes new categories