Mitchell still alluring after 25-years on-air, Fox will pose for nudes

Known mostly for lending her voice to the popular radio duo Dan and Shelby on 95 WKSJ, Shelby Mitchell does her job so well that listeners even want to see her naked.

“Oh my gosh,” Mitchell said. “I don’t know what to think. I’m so honored. It is definitely an honor. I am thrilled, and nowadays with technology, you can pretty much find anyone, and because radio is now video, we have so much presence online. You can actually click on there and see what I look like, and I’m sorry if the expectations [do not meet] what your imagination was, but there I am!“

With all the social media these days, Mitchell said everyone can see what she looks like, but before, radio personalities would only be noticed for their voices.

“They would only recognize me by voice in the grocery store or something,” Mitchell said. “Now, we do so much video and so many pictures between Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and everything, and of course we’re on the news every Friday, they pretty much see what I look like.”

Throughout her 25-year radio career, Mitchell has won numerous awards including CRB Medium Market Air Personality of the Year in 2000, and along with Dan Brennan, she has been nominated for the Country Music Associated Broadcast Personalities of the Year award in 2010 and 2013. However, Mitchell said her voice is all natural on the radio and she does not really credit a distinct “radio voice” for her success. However, as a Gulf Coast native, she said her distinct Southern drawl might play a part in why listeners enjoy hearing her voice.

“Who knows,” Mitchell said. “People talk about the radio voice, and I don’t really have a radio voice. I just have my voice. I just use it and I’m just glad they voted me for this lovely award.”

When she is not on the air, Mitchell enjoys spending time with her firefighter husband and her 8-year-old stepson. She also likes seeing live music, biking, swimming, running, reading, shopping, going to the beach and of course being goofy on the radio.
Dan and Shelby also won the 2014 Nappie Awards for Best Morning Show and Best Radio Show Team. When asked if she was going to wear clothes to the award ceremony, Mitchell decided to keep her fans guessing.

“I may not, who knows!” she said.

Nick Fox owes his fans a nude photo shoot

In the men’s “Naked DJ” category, 97.5 WABD radio personality Nick Fox will take home the coveted Nappie Award.

Naked DJ 1

But Fox does not give his radio voice all the credit either. In fact, he said WABD co-worker and popular radio personality Q-Tip, who also won the same award in 2012, started a campaign for Fox that held a pretty persuasive incentive – a naked photo shoot.

Q-Tip promised listeners if Fox won the award, he would agree to a “tasteful” naked photo shoot.

“I’ve had suggestions to do the Adam Levine photo shoot where it’s black and white and you’re naked laying across a motorcycle,” Fox said. “That’s an option. Obviously, no full frontal. That’s what we’re rocking with. We’re rocking with clean cut and tasteful.”

Aside from the nude photo shoot, Fox said Q-Tip encouraged listeners to vote for him because he is arguably the only radio personality in town who works out consistently as part of a routine.

“We gave the Gulf Coast an incentive to vote for me, and they did,” Fox said. “I’m very excited about that, and I’m excited about doing a photo shoot.”

When it comes to his success, Fox credits his radio personality as a whole rather than just his voice alone.

“When I meet people in public, I hear all sorts of weird, different things about my voice,” he said. “I think people think I’m a lot older than I am. I’m only 28 years old and I think I look sometimes more like I’m 24 or 25. And I think people are kind of shocked I don’t look like I’m 35 … I’m somewhere in the middle between that cheesy old-school R&B voice and just a normal person. I’m not afraid to be corny.”

When he is not on air during middays at WABD, Fox said he enjoys working out, playing Call of Duty, sports and dancing.

In fact, before making it onto radio, Fox was a former hip-hop dance teacher and was training to be a ballroom dance instructor.

Fox has been in radio for three years and landed his first job at 97.5 WABB after submitting a YouTube video of celebrity impersonations that included Captain Jack Sparrow, Matthew McConaughey and Bill Clinton among others. Fox said WABB’s boss at the time immediately asked him in for an interview.

“I enjoy working in radio just because it [is] creatively fulfilling, but also being able to do behind the scenes videos and all that stuff I really enjoy doing. I like radio because it pushes you and it’s always making you think. It’s a very different kind of profession I would say. I fell into it and I love it … if I have five hours of my day where I have to do a radio show and just focus on that, it is complete therapy because I’m talking to my friends. That’s the way I look at it.”

Fox has lived on the Gulf Coast for more than 10 years and graduated from the University of Alabama.

“I’ll make an appearance at the Nappie Awards,” Fox said. “It’s just going to be different since I can’t be there in person, but I will make an appearance. I promise you.”

Profile by Alyson Stokes