Lauren Rose thumbs her way to a 2014 Nappie Award

Lauren Rose has been plugging away at the aches and pains of locals for a decade now – experience that undoubtedly helped her clinch a 2014 Nappie Award as the “Best Massage Therapist” in Mobile.

Best Massage Therapist

In 2003 Rose was a physical therapy student at the University of South Alabama, but after being waitlisted for a required class, she decided to find something to do in the meantime. Instead of twiddling her thumbs, Rose put them to work in massage school at Blue Cliff Career College and hasn’t looked back.

She’s worked at a few places in Mobile, but currently sets her table up at Sportplex at Piccadilly Square, which was coincidentally voted by Lagniappe’s reader as “Best Gym” this year.

She also works with the Mobile BayBears twice a week – targeting sports injuries and working to rehabilitate players suffering from overuse of their muscles.

“I really enjoy it. I like the hands-on work and physically manipulating the muscles and tendons,” Rose said. “You can watch the body transform as you work it. It’s very enjoyable knowing that I’m helping my clients, especially if they are in a lot of pain.”

Targeting pain and her client’s specific needs is what Rose says set her apart in Mobile. She customizes her work for each client, which can mean focusing on neck and back issues, tension, relaxation or even working through a migraine in low light with cold compresses.

Rose said massage therapy is great for stress management, pain relief, regular headaches, muscle pain and fatigue. It can help energize body, which great for people suffering from a lack sleep.

“If you know something is bothering you, start with a 30 minute massage and see where it goes,” she said. “If it works, come again. I work with each of my clients on a needs basis, and try to focus on the areas they need the most work on first.”
Rose did say a single massage isn’t a cure all. Just like a physical therapist or a doctor, regular visits may be required to address specific issues.

Though massage targets the muscles, Rose said it also helps with joint pain, especially in conjunction with visits to a chiropractor.

“It’s great to go to a chiropractor and get everything aligned, but if the muscles are tight and contracted it can pull everything right back out of whack,” she said. “It’s good to ahead and release the muscles and get everything repositioned, and then have it adjusted. You’ll see and feel the results much longer that way.”

Currently, Rose works by appointment only. Her booking information can be found on her Facebook page, Lauren Rose, LMT and is also available through Sportplex. Her fee is a $1 per minute.

In addition to massage therapy, she also does facials, sugar scrubs, steam detox treatments and reflexology.

“There are a lot of great therapists in Mobile and for the community to recognize me as one of them is an extreme honor,” she said. “I’m grateful.”

Profile by Jason Johnson